Tips to Keep in Contact with Your Healthcare Robotics Prospects

You’ve probably heard that “the truth hurts.” So let’s start with a truth that hurts every venture B2B salesperson: leads will not make a purchasing choice after the initial contact. You need to keep in touch with them for a long time before they convert to clients. This is the same as dating. No one is going to get married after the first date. So what are the best ways to keep in touch with leads throughout the sales process to boost close rates? We’ve collected a list of suggestions to help you.

Here are some ways to keep in touch with your Healthcare Robotics leads:

Find out more regarding your prospective customer

It’s hard to sell your Healthcare Robotics services or products if you don’t have a good idea of who your potential customers are. For that reason, you need to take time to identify their Buyer Personas. What are their business roles? What are their goals, obstacles, and duties? Do some research on their company. How many years has it been around? Where is it located? What are they worth? How many staff do they have? You can find a lot of this out on their business website or LinkedIn.

Develop and share practical content

Creating and sharing informational content is one of the best ways to keep your potential customers engaged. Work with your marketing group to generate informational content on a regular basis to make it easier for those who fit your Buyer Personas to find you and become qualified leads. On top of that, it will place your Healthcare Robotics firm as an authority and help build your credibility in the market. There are countless types of content you can craft, like blogs, webinars, reports, case studies, ebooks, and whitepapers.

Know when to call or email

As a sales rep, you need to know whether to make the initial connection via phone or email. Both strategies have their pros and cons. According to Econsultancy, 66% of marketing pros state that emails give better ROI. Since emails are visual, they give your potential customer time to consider your options. They could also bookmark or save it for future consideration. An email could also be sent to other decision makers within the company. However, a drawback of sending emails is that people’s inboxes are swamped. If the recipient doesn’t know your name, your email might just wind up marked as trash or spam.

A phone call lets you get to the prospect much faster, and allows you to add some personality to the message. There is a chance, though, that the call will not be answered or the customer will be busy.

For that reason, there are no best ways to first engage. You could try testing each way to see if one works better for your target market.

Determine the prospect’s hobbies and interests

A great way to engage with your potential customers is to talk about their hobbies, interests, and activities. You can find out more about what they like by looking at their social media. For example, if you both follow “Designated Survivor,” you can talk about the show at some point. Beyond hobbies, you can look for their work background. Ask questions like “How has it been transitioning from Finance to Admin?” Talking about their passions and hobbies will make it easier to produce a connection and make more sales.

Don’t be too formal

Once you get to know your potential customers better, you can be less formal with your interactions. This will make your in-person meetings easier. However, don’t be too informal, as you still want to be taken seriously. Make sure to make use of correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Here are some examples:

Too formal: “Hello, Percy. I’ve recently observed you have a passion in Healthcare Robotics CRM software programs. I thought you might find this report beneficial.”

Too casual: “Yo percy. Take a look at this dope report on Healthcare Robotics CRM software applications.”

Just right: “Hey, Percy! Hope you are well. Take a look at this amazing report on Healthcare Robotics CRM software program.”

A great book that talks about this topic is called “Getting Naked” by Pat Lencioni. The author gives a great strategy for customer service that produces high levels of trust and commitment. He tells businesses to be completely clear with leads to get over three obstacles that ultimately mess up customer obligation. Made for both internal and external specialists, and experts want to get long-lasting customers, Getting Naked will supply effective, useful tools for great benefit.

Don’t be afraid of voicemail

Research by Bizness Apps found that 80% of phone calls will lead to voicemail. If you call your potential customer and they don’t answer, you might be tempted to just hang up. Don’t make this mistake. Voicemails can be very helpful in your sales process. Introduce yourself and tell your prospect that you are following up on a previous call or email. You can then talk about an informational piece you will be sharing through email. When they know your name, they are more likely to open the email.

Nurture them with email

If your potential customers don’t make a purchasing choice quickly, keep in contact with them through email, phone calls, and social media at least one to two times a week. Make sure your emails give quality content that deals with the issues your potential customers are facing. You could include whitepapers, case studies, reports, or blogs that could be useful. Let them know that you have time for additional conversations.

The bottom line

All the lead nurturing ideas detailed above belong to a higher body of marketing and sales strategies included in the Inbound Methodology. Your Healthcare Robotics firm could integrate Inbound right into your existing sales and marketing campaigns to create even more potential customers, qualify them, and close sales quickly.

Doing this alone can be complicated. At Responsify, we work with Healthcare Robotics specialists to offer strategy, support, and help in applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help them strategically bring in brand-new website customers, convert them into qualified leads, and then satisfied customers.

If you want to keep in touch with your leads and speed up your sales cycle, don’t hesitate to book a free strategy session today. We can help you review your current operations and see how to take them to the next level.

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