What Healthcare Robotics Companies Can Learn from Other B2Bs

Scaling a Healthcare Robotics company is no easy task. You need the ideal “people” to build your product, market it, and sell it. Then, you need the right “process” to help the company have staying power. After B2B firms play out the traditional strategies of getting new clients with referrals, collaborations, buying lists, trade shows, sending sales-y emails, and so on, they need new methods that work. Marketing services to people in hospitals and health systems are no exemption.

That’s where the new process of bringing in excellent clients comes in called “Inbound” marketing and sales (or, “smarketing”).

More companies in different markets are starting to include the Inbound method as part of their total marketing and sales strategies. According to a current State of Inbound report by Hubspot, companies are three times more likely to see greater return on investment when using Inbound projects compared to using traditional, unreliable marketing and sales strategies. Inbound has a number of benefits, including:

  • Increase brand name recognition
  • Costs less than traditional methods like ads, cold-calling, and trade shows
  • Allows you to develop lasting partnerships with customers by regularly offering information on relevant topics
  • Produces top quality web traffic and leads
  • Develops trust from leads

Here are four B2B businesses that scaled their development by executing the Inbound Methodology:


Flex-A-Seal is a company that develops and makes mechanical seals for commercial pumps.

When the employees at Flex-a-Seal recognized that they weren’t getting adequate web traffic to the site, they partnered with an Inbound firm to check out different ways of marketing. The firm redesigned the website and optimized it for internet search, making use of appropriate search words. The website then ranked at the top of search engine results for targeted search words and their organic traffic grew by 95%. The Inbound company also developed free info sheets that site visitors could download and install in return for contact information. This strategy produced more than 50 qualified leads in four months.

Flex-a-Seal also had a factory in Brazil, and wanted to increase their sales in the South American market. The Inbound company made flexaseal.mx, a microsite targeted specifically toward Spanish speaking visitors. This produced more leads throughout different Latin American countries and boosted Flex-a_Seal’s sales by 400%.

Beyond concentrating on their website, Flex-a-Seal wanted to create more leads using social media. The Inbound firm produced a LinkedIn account for the company execs and sales representatives to better prospect and engagement. As a result, Flex-a-Seal enhanced their LinkedIn followers by 800% and developed themselves in the market.

Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a leading producer of oil and gas additives.

At first, the company didn’t have a website they could use to get leads online. They wanted to grow their brand name recognition, so the first step was to build an effective website. Bell Performance looked to solutions from an Inbound frim. The first helped Bell Performance identify their buyer personas and develop a customized website with content that targeted their perfect buyers. This first action enhanced their organic web traffic by 700% in one year.

The Inbound firm also produced landing pages with the objective of collecting the site visitor’s contact information. Various offers were advertised with social media and email marketing to guide possible customers to the landing pages. This caused a rise in the company’s lead generation by 1400% in just two years.

By using Inbound strategies, Bell Performance closed 600 new online sales in the first year. In the second year, their internet sales grew by 80%!

HUI Manufacturing

HUI Manufacturing is a business that concentrates on sheet steel construction of clinical carts and commercial items.

The company used to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and marketing to create leads and find new strategies to bring in organic web traffic. They worked with an Inbound firm for help. The company helps HUI produce a Medical Carts blog and created a six-month content strategy with blogs that related to the prospective customers’ needs. They also produced long-form content like info sheets, ebooks, and overviews that visitors could trade their contact information for. This content was advertised mostly through LinkedIn groups.

This resulted in a 68% rise in organic web traffic and a 115% rise in web traffic in LinkedIn alone. Website lead conversions also increased by 150%. In the first eleven months, the new sales produced by using Inbound cause more than two million dollars in new profits.

Corrugated Metals

Corrugated Metals is a firm that supplies steel corrugating products and services for the protection, transport, tools, and building sectors.

The firm had a hard time to bring in quality leads and increase their sales earnings. To conquer the issue, they made the decision to work with an Inbound firm to help them accomplish their goals. The first step was to revamp the whole firm website and make it optimized it for mobile and computers. Then, they produced blog content on topics like “power effective structure products” to bring in organic traffic with keywords optimized for internet search. This content was advertised using social media networks to have more people see the Corrugated Metals’ site.

Using these methods, Corrugated Metals saw a 198% rise in web traffic and a 285% rise in leads!

The final word

The world is changing quickly and it’s important that every part of your services is updated to meet the needs of clients. Today’s buyers will not stop viewing traditional methods generic content entirely, but they will definitely value informational, appropriate content using Inbound strategies. It’s time to place your leads first so that you can stand out to your potential customers and increase your earnings.

As Inbound experts, Responsify has helped several marketing professionals and sales groups include Inbound right into their lead producing and nurturing procedures. Don’t hesitate to schedule your complimentary strategy session. We could help you review your current systems and see how to scale your Healthcare Robotics business!

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