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Healthcare Marketing Strategy to Build a Pipeline of Leads

On a scale of 1 to “I got this!”, how well has your Healthcare company adapted to the constantly evolving world of business? Nowadays, healthcare providers are rarely fully caught up with the new healthcare marketing strategy and sales processes or are responsive to technological advancements. However, following the newest trends is crucial in attracting new leads who are more or less accustomed to the personalized marketing approach that is popular in this day and age. B2B is no longer merely a “business-to-business”; it has become something much more meaningful than that. It means building a person-to-person relationship with your individual prospects or clients and maintaining this relationship from beginning to the end.

But it doesn’t stop there! Using healthcare marketing strategy to break down the walls is only the first step in generating new B2B leads. As you nurture your prospects, it’s important to measure your success by using different metrics, which can be rather easy to manage with platforms such as Hubspot, and focus your efforts on the marketing methods that work to attract new visitors.

Here are four effective methods to reaching more ideal buyers:

1. Connect Directly Through LinkedIn (Social Engagement)


There are a handful of social media platforms. LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to connect with good fit B2B prospects. In a recent study, it was found that LinkedIn accounts for 80% of business leads from social media. Interacting on LinkedIn is a great way to connect with ideal buyers at companies, direct viewers to helpful information, and be relevant by sharing engaging insights and content. These interactions can be measured and can create strong relationships between people at health related organizations.

2. Research and Define Your Ideal Customers (Buyer Persona Development)


The healthcare industry has infamously lagged behind on utilizing big data and analytics. Most companies use analytics proactively. It’s important for healthcare related organizations to do the same. This can help you predict their needs.  Shaping this data is just as as important. As Optum found, their discussions happen mostly with CMO’s, CFO’s or CEOs. Focusing the conservation around their jargon and level of understanding is critical to effective communication. As the research is conducted the data should be crafted for easy communications with these different personas. The more a buyer persona is understood the easier it is to create valuable analytics geared towards them. Here is a great place to outline your Buyer Personas.

3. Create Valuable Content (Inbound Marketing)


After researching and developing your ideal buyer personas, it’s important to create content they want to engage with. Content should answer questions they ask Google, help them think about their challenges, and offer helpful ideas. Blogging about topics that interest them is perhaps the most important thing you can do to be seen as a thought leader, and not a marketer or salesperson. Once you have a steady stream of content, make sure it’s optimized for search engines like Google or Bing to your ideal buyers can find it. Then make sure to have more valuable content or offers to entice visitors to submit their information and become a lead in your CRM.

4. Target Ideal Buyers with Content (Account Based Marketing)


Once you get your awesome B2B Healthcare marketing content circulating in the internet world, you can drive even more engagement by utilizing social media. Posting your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or even Instagram during hours when your potential clients would be active on social media greatly increases the your content’s exposure to the world. Publicizing your content is not the only way you can use social media to generate more leads. As you become more familiar with social media marketing methods, you can use micro-targeting tactics to reach specifically the people you want as your client and help them see more of your content directly in their feed.

Ready to Start Healthcare Marketing Strategy?


There, you have it: the secret ingredients to cooking up an amazing healthcare marketing strategy. Even though implementing new methods can be difficult and time consuming, once you get the wheels rolling, you will be generating many new leads for your company in no time!

If you need any help with outlining your content or social media marketing (or anything else!), feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

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