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Healthcare IT Sales Strategy to Close 2x More Deals This Year

Every healthcare technology salesperson wants to exceed their sales goals and multiply their sales velocity to close more deals consistently. However, as you likely already understand, this does not come automatically. Closing more healthcare IT deals requires applying specific healthcare IT sales strategy and out-of-the-box thinking. In this fast paced, modern world with more access to information than ever before (thanks to Google), a successful sales strategy relies on how well it aligns to the buyer’s process of buying, at the right time, with the right forms educational content.

Here are some of the healthcare IT sales strategy components to help you close more deals for your healthcare technology company:

Understand your Buyer’s Journey

Again, it can’t be emphasized enough, one of the best ways to increase your close rate is to sell the way your prospects would want to buy. In order to do that, you should understand where in the Buyer’s Journey your prospects are and approach them with the appropriate healthcare IT sales strategy. The three stages of the buyer’s journey and your ideal approach for each stages are outlined below:

  • Awareness Stage: In this stage, your prospects are trying to identify some problems or challenges they’re experiencing. They may have recently signed up for your newsletter or traded in their contact info to obtain premium content that you offer to gather more information about the obstacle they’ve encountered. Your job at this stage is to reach out to these new leads, help identify their problems, and determine who are your qualified leads. With the amount of time you have on your hand, you want to start focusing on prospects whose challenges your healthtech company’s solutions can help overcome rather than those who are passive or are simply not interested. You can then regularly contact these qualified leads and educate them about the problems they’re trying to analyze using informative content you’ve crafted for this specific purpose.
  • Consideration Stage: Your prospects in Consideration Stage have identified their problems and are searching for solutions. However, it’s important to note that the prospects in this stage are not searching for specific products or services to overcome their challenges. Rather, they’re reading through different categories of possible solutions and trying to decide the specific solution they want to implement. At this stage, you’re connecting to prospects who are active on their buyer’s journey. They’ve demonstrated this by taking a trackable action online, such as opening Lead Nurturing Emails or downloading premium content from your site that relate to topics related to Consideration stage. You’re also striking up exploratory conversations with the prospects to gain deeper understanding about their goals, challenges, and the solutions to the problems they’ve identified. With the knowledge you obtain from these conversations, you can advise your prospects with catered information that your prospects can’t simply search for online all the while building trust with them.
  • Decision Stage: This is the stage in the buyer’s journey where your prospects have finished identifying their optimal category of solutions. They are now researching for specific healthcare technology solutions based on what they’ve discovered. This stage is where you can explore and learn about their unique challenges and situation and then craft presentations to show how your products or services will help them. Your prospects aren’t there to learn about the general benefits your company brings to them; they’ve already done their research about that online. Make your approach personalized, highlighting some points your prospects may find interesting and illustrating how your healthcare tech company’s solutions are better than those of your competitors’.

Full understanding of your ideal prospect’s Buyer’s Journey is crucial for planning personalized, customer-centered approaches for each of your prospects in a way that they will feel comfortable and special.

Focus on being the solution

Identifying the Buyer’s Journey can help you narrow in on specific types of your buyers. Outlining the key differences between their common challenges, roles, and goals are important to planning how you will convey your solution to them. This type of buyer profile is called a Buyer Persona.

Now, let’s say Buyer Persona, ‘Private Practitioner Peter‘, is thinking of buying Electronic Health Record software. Your persona’s main priorities are most likely to save time, become more efficient and get more organized. It wouldn’t matter much whether your software has an attractive interface or great fonts. Therefore, when crafting your healthcare IT sales strategy material, blog posts or infographics, don’t spend too much time talking about the features of your product or service. Instead, think about your prospect’s problems and how your solution can address it and craft your content based on that. Think of selling inside out, from the customer to the solution, instead of the other way around.

Creating Evergreen Content based on classic prospect pain points will help you be a valuable resource to your key personas. Regularly developing blog articles, infographics, ebooks, and more, will build trust and give you more ways to reach out and engage with them.

Send lead nurturing emails

You already know it’s crucial to keep your leads engaged, whether they’ve only recently entered their contact info on your site or have been on your contact list for a while. To effectively engage your prospects with the appropriate healthcare IT sales strategy, you can send Lead Nurturing Emails that are specially customized for each of your Buyer Personas. These emails carry content, such as highly relevant blog posts or informative videos, that your prospects may find useful. It’s important that you write clever subject lines that will catch their attention and lure them into opening and clicking call-to-actions to read and learn more.

Leverage case studies

No matter how much information you provide, many prospects will still want evidence that you can deliver what you promise. Case studies are a great way of proving the return on investment (ROI) which your product or service can provide for your potential buyers. Show how your health tech company’s solutions helped a company in your prospect’s industry achieve desired results. Once you win your prospects’ mind, the sale will become a no-brainer.

Stick to your premium pricing

Most prospects are not really concerned about the prices of your products or services. What they are really concerned about is the value you offer and the outcomes you will help them accomplish. If you decide to lower your prices, prospects may stop taking you as seriously. Therefore, stick to your premium prices and justify that your health tech solutions are indeed valuable. This is essential to your healthcare IT sales strategy when you are selling high-end solutions that involve a significant investment from your prospect’s end.

Meet decision makers face-to-face

Now, you’ve learned about how leveraging content, strategically emailing, and making respectful phone calls are effective healthcare IT sales strategy ideas for selling to potential customers. Nonetheless, also consider making an effort to meet them in person on top of your calls and emails to establish personal connections with your prospects and increase your chances of closing more deals. If you need to drive for a few hours, catch a train, book a flight or take a bus, do your best to have a face-to-face meeting with the decision makers.

The big takeaway

For the longest time, salespeople had been the source of information that prospects had for making their buying decisions. However, in this day and age, there’s not a single piece of information that cannot be found on the internet with thorough research. This is where Inbound Sales Methodology comes in. As we have outlined above, an Inbound salesperson not only provides useful information about prospects’ needs but also connects with and advises each prospect on a personal level.

It can be very challenging to do all of this alone. We here at Responsify partner with health technology sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help implementing these activities. By collaborating we help marketing and salespeople strategically attract new website visitors, convert them to qualified leads and happy customers.

We’ve helped many sales pros incorporate Inbound into their existing intricate sales processes. Feel free to reserve your free strategy session now to help you evaluate your assets and gain valuable insights and suggestions to close more deals faster!

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