7 Tactics to Increase Your Healthcare IT Market Share

Increasing healthcare IT market share can be challenging. Modern day buyers are savvier than ever before. Inviting them to trade shows or messaging through traditional marketing tactics have become close to ineffective in grabbing the attention of your target audience. Nowadays, everyone goes online to search for the information they need rather than relying on public ads or generalized sales pitches.

A recent report by Hubspot reveals that 92.7% of companies using the Inbound strategies generated significantly more leads than those who follow the traditional marketing and sales processes.

With that insight, it’s clear the best way to grab the attention of these modern day buyers is by providing informative content that they may find useful.

This marketing and sales approach, collectively termed Inbound Methodology, will eventually result in more sales and increase your healthcare IT market share in the health technology industry.

Here are some great ideas for increasing your healthcare IT market share using the Inbound Methodology:

Define your ideal buyers

Increasing your healthcare IT market share doesn’t mean that you should try to grab everybody‘s attention. Rather, you want to attract people who are more likely to be interested in learning about your healthtech solutions. Let’s get down to business. Buyer Personas are fictional characters that represents your ideal customers, and you can work with your marketing and sales team to define them for your company.

  1. Start by charting out what markets you can serve.
  2. Pick the one you want to focus your resources on, that offers the best revenue.
  3. Outline what ideal company attributes exist for businesses in that market.
  4. Define your ideal people in those businesses, including decision makers and influencers by documenting the following in detail:
  5. What are their job positions?
  6. What are their goals and challenges?
  7. What would prevent them from buying?
  8. What instigates them to buying?
  9. How do they make their purchasing decisions?
  10. Where and how do they get their information?
  11. Naming your personas so everyone can easily refer to them (‘Hospital Administrator Aidan‘, ‘Private Practitioner Peter‘, etc.) then answering the following questions:

Aligning your marketing and sales content with the needs of your ideal customers will allow you to generate more qualified leads and subsequently boost your sales and revenue.

Optimize content for different devices

According to Mobile Marketing Association, mobile phones play a crucial role at every stage of the buyer’s journey as anyone can view information with one simple tap. You never know if your audience is viewing your content on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Therefore, make sure that your content is optimized to give your prospects a pleasant user experience on all possible devices. The sizes of your CTA buttons and text fonts, the length of your individual content and your website’s layout are examples of the elements you should consider when optimizing for different devices. Your emails should also be both computer and mobile friendly.

Use social media ad campaigns

Social media advertising is a powerful and cost-effective way of growing your followers and fans in a short time. With a budget of only a few dollars per day, you can reach thousands of targeted prospects all over the world using platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. To maximize effectiveness, keep your social media ads brief as most users don’t have the time to click ‘read more’ for more details. Avoid jargon that would make your copy difficult to understand and make sure your ad content really shows what your company stands for in the healthcare technology industry. You may consider using emojis, GIF or short videos to engage your audience. Split test different versions of your ad to find out what works best.

Nurture your leads with personalized emails

Mass emails can be annoying but if used right, email newsletters can be a very effective strategy for nurturing your leads until they convert to customers. Providing your subscribers with relevant content on a regular basis allows you to engage your leads and build loyalty. To increase the click-through rates of your emails, you can personalize the subject lines with your prospect’s name and other keywords that may grab their attention. Avoid using all your emails to promote your products or services as you don’t want to scare them away. Instead, provide educational content that will empower your audience and help them make better purchasing decisions.

Leverage case studies

Before making a purchasing decision, most prospects will want some proof that your healthtech product or service will meet their needs. You can use case studies to showcase the stories of your existing customers who found value in purchasing your solutions. Make sure the customers featured in your case studies are aligned to your buyer persona. This will make it easier for your prospects to identify with the stories. A case study should explain in detail what your customer’s needs and goals were and how you were their solution. Use real numbers to show what exactly was accomplished. For instance, you could say that Private Practitioner Peter had 50% more visits to his office in 6 months after he incorporated your healthtech solution into his business. Repurpose your case studies into formats such as infographics, YouTube videos or podcasts so as to accommodate different types of learners.

Use effective calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a graphic or text that is meant to entice your website visitors to take a desired action. Use text such as ‘Try our platform today‘ or ‘Click now‘ to create a sense of urgency that will compel visitors to act immediately. Make sure the CTA tells prospects exactly what you want them to do. To draw the visitor’s eye to the CTA, use a color that contrasts with the website background. Having an image of a person looking at the CTA can also help draw the visitor’s attention. A well-designed CTA can significantly boost your conversion rates.

Leverage video content

Many people prefer watching a video to reading an article. Video marketing can therefore help you engage your a significant portion of your audience more effectively than blog posts, reports, white papers or eBooks. However, your videos should focus on telling stories and not driving sales. Tell stories about how the company began, how your products are created and why your employees love working for the company. This will create a rapport with your prospects and build trust. Don’t forget to include CTAs such as ‘Follow/like our page‘ and ‘Leave us a comment‘.

The final word

Increasing your healthcare IT market share can be challenging in that it’s difficult to identify which areas of your business you should fine tune. With this, we can confidently say that tweaking your marketing and sales processes to match the minds of modern day buyers will definitely prove to be effective.

We’ve helped numerous CEOs and Directors implement Inbound marketing and sales into their health technology businesses. Feel free to reserve your free strategy session now to get help evaluating your assets and gain insights and recommendations to increase your healthcare IT market share!

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