Healthcare Digital Agency to Generate Leads with Inbound Marketing

Want to work with a healthcare digital agency to generate leads? On the surface, educating customers seems basic. As a Health Technology marketer, you know that this is anything but “basic”.

Thinking about working with an Inbound Marketing agency to help you fight the good fight? If so, that’s great! It brings us no joy to see you in pain, and it’s cool that you’re getting closer to finding a solution. It’ll take some work to shave down your list of hopefuls, but the possibilities are exciting.

Selecting a healthcare digital agency would be the obvious choice. But let’s take a moment to reexamine this point.

The truth is that many of your customers are simply people searching for a solution. They’re not specialists, so they won’t always be able to follow the experts and their technical jargon. With that said, EHR isn’t a field that any marketer can dive into.

In the end, there are pros and cons to partnering with a healthcare digital agency. It sounds a bit weird, but we’ll show you what we mean. Here’s a list of best healthcare digital agencies:


It’s a Small Community

Best HealthTech Inbound Companies There aren’t that many Content Marketing agencies floating around in the world of Digital Health. The few that are out there have worked with brands similar to yours, so you’ll be on the same wavelength.

Also, they’re 100% fluent in your language. Communication won’t be an issue.


It’s a Small Community, but It’s Complex

Best HealthTech Inbound Companies HealthTech is a term that blankets a wide array of technology solutions. There’s EMR, EHR, wearables, optogenetics, and a whole lot more.

An agency that is centered in “HealthTech” isn’t automatically an authority in your particular niche. For instance, an agency accomplished in health education may not fare as well with EMR. Essentially, these are two different fields with unique customers.

If you do find a healthcare digital agency in your niche, don’t be surprised if they’re working with some of your competitors. This presents a conflict of interest that makes building trust a steep, uphill battle.


They’ve Produced a Ton of HealthTech Content

Best HealthTech Inbound Companies They’ve written about everything under the HealthTech sun. Their content is supported by a strong strategy, and it connects with the market.

Sometimes it’s more important to know what doesn’t work. Inbound agencies entrenched in your field have learned a great deal from trial and error.


High Volume Comes at a Price

Best HealthTech Inbound Companies They’ve churned out a variety of useful material. No arguments there. But the thing to keep in mind is that much of it has focused on similar products and services. Chances are, this means that a good portion of their content has been repurposed.

This isn’t bad if approached from a new perspective, but it’s likely that there will be a lack of originality. If visitors are able to digest the same content somewhere else, they won’t have much motivation to go to your site.

Great content is fueled by creativity. A singular, uniformed approach can be effective for a time, but its power will quickly fade as consumer needs change. Content Marketing agencies need to have the ingenuity to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

Sketching detailed Buyer Personas will keep you up-to-date and provide some foresight. To make customers happy, there are times when you have to know what they want even before they do.


The Bottom Line

An Inbound agency’s job is to bridge the gap between your HealthTech and its consumers. A certain degree of technical knowledge is necessary, but the ability to answer specific customer questions through content is more important.

Each customer base in Health Technology has its own needs. Be wary of agencies that treat each segment of the market with a one-size-fits-all model.

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