6 Ways to Reduce Long Health Administration Software Sales Cycles

Among the major difficulties many Clinical Administration and Backend software salespeople face is reducing the long sales cycle. As you know, unlike B2C, the B2B sales process involves a variety of decision makers and making sure they are informed of the value of your service or product. It can take a long time to persuade each of them that your product meets their needs. Given that different people will have different viewpoints on which direction to take, and since multiple people are often involved in the decision, the health administration software sales cycles can be agonizingly long. According to a Demand Gen report, the Buyer’s Journey for B2B buyers is getting longer and more complex, which doesn’t help the already trying sales process.

But don’t worry! There are a variety of strategies that could help reduce your health administration software sales cycles:

1. Identify your Buyer Personas

Don’t try to engage buyers who are unqualified. You might find yourself in an unbearably long health administration software sales cycles that doesn’t even win you a sale. Before starting the sales process, take some time to find exactly who you are targeting. Your Buyer Personas (also known as your excellent buyers) might be “Physician Philip,” “Hospital Administrator Alice,” or “Medical Director Daniel.” Preferably, your Buyer Personas must be the major decision makers of the companies you are targeting, and also in some cases crucial influencers. After recognizing your Personas, you could detail their top qualities by asking a few questions:

  • What are their job duties?
  • What are their objectives?
  • What issues do they face?
  • What makes them want to buy?
  • What stops them from buying?
  • How do they like to get information?

The response to these questions will help you identify how to best approach them.

2. Send out an initial video

Typically, leads only learn about how the sales representative appears through an in-person meeting. To develop familiarity before that first meeting, send them an intro video discussing why you have an interest in them (flattery), something beneficial to them (research you’ve done, etc), and a call-to-action (give them a timetable on when to have the next conversation). Then, when you speak with them on the phone, they will already know more about you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this video. A good smartphone camera and some good lighting will do the trick. We like to use Soapbox by Wistia to make these videos.

3. Supply pre-sales meeting content

A huge mistake you could make is to have a meeting with a potential customer who doesn’t have any information about your business to engage with. This means that you might need multiple meetings before you are able to convince this prospect, and that could be tough with your busy schedule. Instead, send out Lead Nurturing Emails with insightful content that they could look at prior to your meeting. For example, if you are trying to sell an X-Ray device to “Hospital Administrator Alice,” send her a link to a blog post that gives stats on how many managers save time with advanced tools. You can also send out comparison charts that show the benefits of your product over your competition. Strategically inform and engage your leads throughout the sales process to position yourself as a reliable source.

4. Give post-sales consultation content

After you’ve had your first meeting, the prospect is likely to have some questions or concerns. As the salesperson, it is your job to remove all barriers to the sale. Send out emails with reports, case studies, or video to answer their questions. This content can be used for your other prospects, too. Overcoming any concerns a lead might have will reduce the health administration software sales cycles dramatically.

5. Be upfront about costs

One of the biggest questions your lead will have is about the prices of your product or service. Even still, many salespeople try to skirt around the issue of price until very late in the sales process. This only adds more time to the health administration software sales cycles, and you don’t want that. Also, if you don’t reveal the prices upfront, you risk losing the trust of potential customers. Being clear about prices early in the sales process will help save you from issues later on.

So how do you effectively give this information without scaring off potential customers? Make sure to explain the value of your product, so the cost is viewed in context. You could also use phrases like “starting at $” or “from $.”

6. Utilize social proof

Social proof can help win your prospect’s trust quickly and could help you close the sale more quickly. You can send them case studies showing the ROI or influence of your service or product. Make sure the business featured in the study resembles that of your prospect’s company. Find a common connection on LinkedIn who might act as a referral. This strategy is even more effective compared to simply sending out an arbitrary email. According to the B2B news network, 84% of B2B choice manufacturers start the buying process with a recommendation. You might additionally welcome the prospect to an in-person event that other clients are attending. While hearing from more of your customers, the prospect is more likely to make a buying decision more quickly.

The Final Word

Hard as it may be to focus on anything but making sales and meeting your goals, it’s vital to take time and identify your leads throughout the process. Your sales cycle should be linked to the lead nurturing process, where you can build trust with your leads and build opportunities of them buying your products or services.

All of this can be tough to do alone, though. Responsify works with Clinical Administration and Backend software sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help with applying these tasks. By collaborating, we aid marketing and salespeople in purposefully bringing in brand-new website visitors, and converting them to qualified leads and pleased clients.

We’ve helped numerous sales pros like you include Inbound right into their sales procedures. If you want, you could book a cost-free strategy session now to evaluate your current process and see how to take it to the next level.

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