Great Business Marketing Strategies for EdTech

Being an education technology company you understand that no grade level, whether it be for K-12 or higher education, can ever be taught without some sort of plan. Marketing is no different.

Nowadays, the number of available marketing tactics are enough to make your head spin (apps, platforms, automations, services, the list goes on…).

Whether you’re marketing an app, game, LMS, classroom hardware, or other educational solution, what’s critical is creating a marketing strategy that your customers will LOVE. The best strategy to do that is creating content for your customers that helps educate, inform, and raise their interest in your education technology solutions. As you may know, this new method is known as Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

Taking the Inbound Marketing approach helps you attract website visitors organically, convert them to qualified leads, and turn them into happy customers for years to come!

Below are the 4 critical phases of developing a Content & Inbound Strategy to create customer-centered content.




business marketing strategies To set a target for your new marketing efforts, it’s important to honestly assess where you are.

  • Collect your current metrics.
  • Number how many leads originated from your website.
  • Discover what portion of those leads are qualified.
  • Determine what the value of a lead is.
  • Develop materials and concepts that can used for premium content

Phase Result: Join the team by devising insights on where you are now. What marketing assets do you currently have? What objectives do you hope to pursue for organizational growth?


Buyer Persona Development

This is the lure In this phase, you outline and define a complete portrait of who your buyers are. This phase requires that you collaborate with your colleagues to determine who your personas are. Ideally, you would want to get feedback from existing or potential customers.

  • Determine who your three most typical customers are.
  • Take note of the common solutions to their needs.
  • Find what percentage of them are qualified.
  • Collect relevant information about your customers.
  • Outline your buyer persona purchasing habits

Phase Result: Discover your target Buyer Personas, and how each persona travels as they engage in their research online.


Buyer Journey Mapping

Closing with a funnel In this phase, content such as eBooks and email subject lines are outlined to convert, qualify, and nurture your leads.

  • Outline what your buyer personas are looking for in the Awareness Stage.
  • Devise content ideas for buyer personas in the Awareness Stage.
  • Gather relevant info about them.
  • Outline your buyer persona purchasing habits.
  • Devise content concepts for buyer personas in the Consideration Stage
  • Outline what your buyer personas are searching for in the Decision Stage
  • Devise content concepts for buyer personas in the Decision Stage.
  • Outline what your buyer personas are searching for in the during Customer Stage.
  • Brainstorm content concepts for buyer personas in the Customer Stage.

Phase Result: Outline offers and email subject lines that convert, qualify, and nurture your leads throughout the buyer persona’s journey.


Inbound Campaign Setup

Closing with a funnel In this phase, all the content ideas brainstormed come together in an inbound strategy.

  • Engage in in-depth keyword research to identify best keywords for SEO.
  • Note the common solutions to their needs.
  • Layout the titles of offers like ebooks, blog posts, email titles, and social networks.
  • Develop a content calendar with the associated social media promotional content.
  • Determine precisely what platforms and tools you will need to implement an inbound campaign.

Phase Result: Develop a detailed content plan to attract personas by answering common questions via your blog and premium content offers.


The Bottom Line

Never lose sight of exactly what’s most important: creating content and a message that your audience will love. So when you’re constructing a marketing plan for your education technology company, make an effort to develop a thorough Content Strategy. And remember that efficient methods are tough to establish on your own. Don’t hesitate to seek external aid to get a fresh point of view and get it right. Then you’ll be on your way to continually converting total complete strangers into faithful customers!


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