Getting Better Organic Leads Faster without Hiring a Content Writer

Whoever said that faster isn’t always better wasn’t talking about lead generation. When it comes to being found by your prospective consumer audience, time is always of the essence. Did you know that Google search engines will prioritize your content if you publish on a regular schedule without interruption? How about the new finding that increased lead generation starts with content that educates and informs rather than blatantly self-promotes? Today’s consumer audience is accustomed to engaging with products and brands on a more personal level through social media and forums, which is why Inbound Marketing Partners have found innovative new ways to give people more of what they want.


The classic route

Back in the olden days, it was typical to staff a competent team in which each member specialized in his or her particular skill set. A designer would design, a writer would write, and a manager would manage. Sound familiar? Since those days have gone the way of the Dodo, we see more and more companies that have employed one person for a particular set of skills, but as consumer demands have evolved, so have the demands on staff. This leads to employee burnout and decreased work-life balance resulting in additional need for time off, more efficient task management, and even increased healthcare costs. In addition to expecting staff to do their job well, they are now expected to become experts in customer persona profiling, knowledge of the Buyer’s Journey, and knowing exactly what types of content will be productive in your particular industry at any given time.

An alternate route

There is another, “faster” route: Rather than jumping over staffing roadblocks, choosing to work with an Inbound Marketing team (like us) is a new way to quickly tear down each hurdle with a qualified collective of talented marketing crusaders who know your business inside and out. The typical time that it takes to meet and get to know a new organization, to mobilize an Inbound Marketing team that can meet the organization’s goals and create relevant and engaging content, and to start producing that content is typically only 4 weeks. Compare that to the typical 3-plus months that it takes for a new employee to learn the ropes of your organization and to start an effective content production schedule, and you’ll see that you’re saving yourself heaps of lost time and revenue.

Inbound Marketing Partners are on the ground daily, finding fresh new talent who have worked in your industry and who are hungry to make change and get great results. If there is a staffing interruption, these teams can quickly pull from their pool of talent to ensure that there are no interruptions to your content production schedule. In-house management means that there won’t be any more bumps on your marketing roadmap, and you will never have to wonder when your next piece of content is going live. Take a look at our recap below, and reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

Quick Recap



(of hiring a Content Writer for Inbound Marketing):

  • It typically takes 45 days to find a new employee, and at least 45 days to fully onboard and train a new employee, leading to around 3 months of delayed content production.
  • If that writer doesn’t produce the right type of content (customer/solution centered vs. company/product centered), at the right stage of a Buyer’s Journey (awareness, consideration, decision), the results are minimal.
  • Writers can struggle with writing for different audiences (typically businesses have at least 3 Buyer Personas/Customers types), limiting how well the writing will resonate and generate better organic leads.
  • Employees could leave the company, have unplanned family events, schedule vacations, etc.; all of which leads to lost time finding a replacement and re-training someone new.
  • Most writers are unable to do the other required tasks to make content effective (strategy, design, web development, search engine optimization, analyzation of traction, and more).
  • The majority of writers have no experience with executing Inbound Marketing effectively, as most writers write for many different purposes previously.


(of hiring a Content Writer for Inbound Marketing):

  • It typically takes only 3-4 weeks to get onboarded with an Inbound Partner Agency (like us) as they have efficient processes in place, helping you get started ASAP!
  • A specialized Inbound Agency Team knows how to create the most effective content to produce the best results possible.
  • Agency teams (like us) have a diverse team of strategists and writers who know how to write for a variety of Buyers Personas, and can create more engaging and effective content.
  • Hiring an Inbound Agency Partner (like us) ensures a retained set of services consistently for a known period of time. For instance, we offer 12-month content subscription plans that are uninterrupted.
  • Inbound Agencies (like us) have a full team in place to handle all the skills and talent needed to implement results-driven content.
  • Agencies that focus on Inbound Marketing exclusively (like us), specialize in both the strategy and execution of the Inbound Methodology, making them more equipped to get results.

The Bottom Line

Whether you still feel somewhat strongly about hiring an in-house marketing writer, or are now a bit conflicted and want to continue considering your options, take a gander at our eBook “Hire an in-house Content Writer or Partner with a Content Agency”. There you can learn more about the value that Inbound Marketing teams can add to your business. It’s completely free because we believe that the only good decision is the fully-informed one.


If you are looking to explore partnering with an Inbound Marketing agency, don’t be shy, let us know! You can book a time to speak with us here. We’ve helped countless marketers get better and faster results through our cost effective ongoing services.

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