Inbound Methods: Examples of Telemedicine Marketing Campaigns

One significant objective of a Telemedicine Marketing expert is to boost the quantity of traffic to their company website so they can generate qualified leads. Apart from expensive online marketing campaigns, getting site visitors to your page doesn’t happen on its own. It takes a great deal of effort, like using proven web traffic generation approaches that are reliable. In this post we’ll cover some things you’ll find in examples of telemedicine marketing campaigns.

Below are a few of the Inbound Marketing Strategies you could use to draw even more site visitors to your Telemedicine company’s page:

1. Blog on a Regular basis

People face different challenges and problems, and these people are always searching for solutions. Figure out what your ideal buyers needs by checking social media or related forums for questions they might have. As soon as you’ve figured out their challenges, write a blog post with answers that address their issues. It’s important to include keyword phrases prospects might use when searching online. Informative content that is optimized for keywords will help you rank higher, increasing the odds prospects will find your Telemedicine firm’s website. Blogging on a regular basis establishes you as an expert and increases brand awareness.

If Blog Posts aren’t for you, you can also create longer content that still offers valuable information like How-to Guides, eBooks, white papers or a Buyer’s Guide. You can see a good example of guides by the B2B firm Marketo.

2. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Stay clear of typical keyword phrases, considering they are likely excessively used and hard to rank for. To boost your search engine position, it’s a good idea to opt for long-tail keywords. For instance, rather than making use of the keyword ‘Telemedicine platform’, choose something like, “‘how to engage clients”. The latter is more likely to drive organic traffic to your page.

3. Get Featured on Review Pages

A Bazaarvoice study revealed that over 70% of customers check online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Therefore, getting featured on review pages is a great way to boost traffic to your site. Reviews are especially useful for targeting buyers at the “decision” stage in the Buyer’s Cycle because they’re comparing different products right before they purchase. Find relevant review sites in your industry by searching for “top Telemedicine companies”. Getting featured can be free or you may have to pay a small fee. Make sure to add your website to your listing to help boost your search engine rankings and make it easier for prospects to find you.

4. Get Published in Online Directories

Get your webpage listed in online directories to draw visitors to your page. Be careful of adding yourself to just any Telemedicine directory though. Try to find the ones most relevant and popular in your niche with good domain authority. For example, if you’re in Montana – do a quick search for Telemedicine companies in Montana. The directory sites at the top of the results are likely the most visited directories. Get your site listed there, which helps your backlinks and helps people find you.

5. Write Guest Posts for other blogs

A report by HubSpot showed that 47% of customers looked at more than one piece of content prior to a purchase. Not only is it important to post on your own site, find other reputable sites in your niche and ask to submit a guest post. Choose an interesting topic your audience can engage with and remember to follow all publishing guidelines carefully. Remember to link your web page in the writer’s biography section to boost your backlinks and help your search engine rankings. You might also consider linking to influencers in your blog post. Who knows? They just might pay attention and share your content with their followers.

6. Leave comments on other blog posts

Make time to read other Telemedicine blogs and leave a comment when you’re finished. Keep your remarks positive – no one likes someone who spreads negativity or criticism. Make sure to keep comments educational rather than a sales pitch too. When you leave a comment, blog writers are more likely to check you out or linking to your page – which means more backlinks and visitors for your own website.

7. Get involved in online forums

There are online forums for every industry where people discuss related topics. Joining one of these forums is an excellent way of getting more visitors to your page. Make sure the forums you’re looking at are active, as it would be useless to comment on threads with no activity for months. Be sure to use your brand name when signing up so your comments increase brand awareness and add to your reputation. It’s a great time to share advice, suggestions, real-life examples, and links to helpful resources. Actively participating in forums increases your credibility and gets others to trust in your brand.

8. Take advantage of Infographics

Research by Social Media Examiner revealed 37% of marketing experts consider visuals as the most effective type of content. Keep in mind that people have a short attention span so using visuals can be more effective than a 1000 word essay. Visuals are particularly effective when trying to communicate about a complex topic. Post the infographics you create on your website, social media, and online forums. Make sure to link back to your page to get more visitors to your site.

9. Get Published on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most reliable social media network for B2B marketing. Submit long-form content specific to your industry on LinkedIn Pulse. Getting featured will help boost your credibility with your target audience and drive even more traffic to your site. Also share the content across other social media platforms to get even more exposure.

10. Reuse Webinars

According to Contently, 60% of marketing professionals reuse their content up to 5 times in different forms. For example, turn the information in one of your webinars into a series of articles, blog posts, or e-newsletters to get visitors to your site. Other ways to reuse your webinar are turning the entire thing directly into an ebook or featuring the best quotes on your social media posts.

The Bottom Line

Developing effective content and engaging with your target market are the key components of Inbound Marketing. It’s a strategy used to drive traffic to your page, turn visitors into leads, and convert leads into happy customers.

Doing it all on your own can seem overwhelming. That’s why at Responsify, we partner with Telemedicine marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and help carry out these tasks. By teaming up together, we drive traffic to your company page and help convert qualified leads into customers.

We’ve helped numerous marketing professionals execute a strategic Inbound Marketing strategy already and we can do the same for you. Request a free strategy consultation and we’ll go over your assets to see how we can give you new insight and guidance. Get started in the right direction today.

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