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6 Strategies To Accelerate Energy Management System Sales

Every CleanTech sales associate aspires to increase their sales. In the past, and certainly still prevalent nowadays, increasing sales primarily included investing a great deal on advertisements and getting in touch with as many people possible with no consideration if they’re prepared to engage otherwise. Nevertheless, the contemporary buyer is much savvier and willing to tackle their problems themselves. In accordance with the Earnest Agency, 81% of consumers begin their acquiring process by looking for solutions online. For that reason, the very best method of gaining their interest is by supplying helpful and academic content. Providing prospects the exact content they’re trying to find at the exact time they’re seeking it, is called the Inbound strategy.

Below are 6 fantastic Inbound strategies to increase your CleanTech sales:

1. Specify your optimal Buyer Personas

The initial step to raising your sales is to identify who the prospects are that you’re offering your solutions to. A Buyer Persona is an imaginary personality that mirrors your optimal customer. For example, you can have ‘Clinician Carla’, ‘Private Practitioner Peter’ or ‘Medical Director Dan’, all of whom would certainly want your CleanTech services or product. Execute some research studies to figure out their role in the company, their objectives, as well as their difficulties. When you have determined your Buyer Personas, it will be less complicated to target them efficiently and boost your sales.

2. Develop content frequently

After specifying your Buyer Personas, you have to develop consistent content that shed light on your optimal buyers’ biggest objectives and difficulties. It is vital that the content you generate reaches all leads in the various phases (Awareness, Consideration, Decision) of the Buyer’s Journey. You could also find out more regarding their challenges within each phase by performing studies, calling your existing clients, or by checking out their online sources and publications. In addition to research studies, you could also sign up with relevant discussion forums to figure out trending conversations in their sector. Document the most prominent subjects and develop a routine for producing content for every phase. The content can be anything from social media articles, to whitepapers, eBooks, reports, etc. Providing content that targets the appropriate market will develop you as an authority in the CleanTech sector as well as develop reliability with your potential customers.

3. Establish a customer-centered website

On a regular basis, your CleanTech firm’s website will be the very first touch your potential customers will make with your service. You want to guarantee that your site visitors come away with a solid impression and positive user experience. Because leads will see your site utilizing both their computers as well as mobile devices, ensure that the layout is receptive for all screen sizes. Usage of easy-to-read font styles and user-friendly coloring schemes will make the messaging on your web pages simple to review. The navigating on your website needs to be effortless as well for site visitors to browse your web pages quickly. Ultimately, make sure that your web pages have a quick load rate. Having a beautifully created site will certainly maintain returning site visitors and also improve your opportunities for making more sales.

4. Apply SEO methods

It would not be worth it to make a stunning website if no one will ever see it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the most effective means of making your site noticeable online. The very first step is to execute research for the keywords or expressions you want to contend for in an online search engine. See to it these keywords and phrases are in your meta descriptions, posts, page URLs, headers, as well as alt text on files. External sourcing (direct linking to various outside web pages and blog posts from your site) is extremely efficient for SEO as well. Using every one of these strategies will boost your search engine positioning, hence permitting you to draw in more site visitors and increase your lead conversions.

5. Take advantage of social media

You could utilize social media to monitor discussions in the CleanTech sector, your rivals feed, as well as your branding networks. Leveraging social media will offer you new suggestions for subjects that you can then cover in your blog. You might also engage with your target market directly as you establish your presence as a professional in your sector. Social media could additionally be a terrific network for driving in visitor traffic to your website. Share compelling images as well as news stories connected to your brand name with a link to your landing pages. Whenever you publish brand-new content on your website, let your visitors know and keep them up-to-date on the latest content specifically curated with them in mind. When your blog posts are shared, liked, or retweeted, you increase your chances of bringing in more potential customers. Some social media networks also enable you to include a ‘Buy’ option which lets your leads acquire your services without needing to see your site. Truth: According to Sprout Social, 70% of customers review social media before making a purchasing choice.

6. Track your initiatives

Now and then, you should go back and examine your strategies. Doing so will provide you with a concept of precisely what efforts are functioning well, and which ones typically aren’t. As an example, you could discover the main source of your website visitors. For example, how many are coming straight from social media? What is the number coming through email marketing? Additionally, you need to keep an eye on the conversions. How many site visitors are in fact leads, as well as ultimately what percentage of them turn into clients? Fortunately, there are lots of devices like the Hubspot CRM that will aid you in tracking your initiatives.

The big takeaway

So, just how prepared do you feel to start your very own Inbound Sales trip? It does take some examining, planning, and experimentation initially. However, as soon as you fine-tune your sales process based on your customer’s buyers journey, and offer the appropriate content at the right times, you will undoubtedly become an Inbound Sales pro.

At Responsify, we have aided many CleanTech sales and marketing professionals with dedicated strategies and content to bring in qualified leads.

If you are curious to learn more on where to start with your strategy to accelerate your energy management system sales, feel free to reach out to Responsify today for a 1-on-1 strategy session!

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