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I’m sure you’ve listened to the expression “sometimes the truth hurts.” A fact that irritates every venture B2B sales team: Leads will not make a purchasing choice after the initial touch with you. You need to remain in contact with them for a time before these potential customers convert to CleanTech clients. This can be compared to dating. No person will ever get married on the very first date. So, just what are the most effective means of maintaining contact with leads throughout the sales process to ensure a close? We’ve collected some suggestions below to help assist you:

Discover more about your prospective customers

It’s hard to sell your CleanTech services and products if you do not have a clear understanding of who your leads are. For that reason, you should set some time aside to specify your Buyer Personas. Exactly what are their duties in the firm? Just what are their objectives, obstacles, and responsibilities? Conduct some studies on the businesses they help. Know the number of years they have stayed in business. Where were they found? Exactly what are their worths? How many staff members do they have? You could discover the majority of these details on their business website or LinkedIn page to start.

Produce and share useful content

Producing and sharing valuable content is among the very best methods of getting your leads involved. Collaborating with your marketing group to generate academic content on a regular basis will make it simpler for individuals that fit your Buyer Personas to discover you and become qualified leads. Furthermore, it will place your CleanTech firm as an authority, and assist you in developing as a go-to resource within your target market. They’re many kinds of content your group can craft, that includes posts, webinars, market reports, case studies, ebooks, and whitepapers.

Know when to call and when to email

As part of a sales team, you will choose whether to initialize a prospect through either a phone call or by email. Both strategies have their benefits as well as their downsides.

In accordance with E Consultancy, 66% of marketing professionals claim that email leads to an impressive ROI. Emails are aesthetic and offer your possible customers time to consider your deals. They may also choose to save your email for future reference. An email could additionally be sent to various decisionmakers within the company as well. Nevertheless, a drawback to sending out emails is that many individuals’ inboxes are being swamped with countless emails daily. If the recipient does not acknowledge your name or message, your email may wind up being disregarded, erased, or noted as spam.

A telephone call permits you to get to the prospect much faster and allows you to develop a human-to-human connection with your messaging. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that your telephone call will not be answered or the conversation will be sidetracked.

Consequently, there are no ideal means to engage with prospects. You could try rotating between sending out emails and making telephone calls to see what best attracts your target market generally.

Recognize your prospect’s passions and leisurely activities

Among the very best means to get in touch with your leads is to speak with them about their interest, pastimes, and functions. You find the prospect’s rate of interest as well as any activities they take part in by browsing their social media accounts. For example, if you are both followers of ‘Designated Survivor’, you can state the connection in your discussion. Besides likes and hobbies, you can also look into their professional background. Ask appropriate inquiries like, “How has it been transitioning from Finance to Admin?”. Gathering your possible customer’s passions throughout your discussions will make it simpler to develop a connection as well as make a sale.

Cut the pleasantries

As you learn more about your leads, you can feel free to let your guard down as you embrace an informal strategy into your interactions. This will make it much easier to create person-to-person partnerships with your prospective clients. Nevertheless, be careful to not take things too far since you do not want your prospect to stop taking you seriously. Still make sure to use appropriate capitalization, punctuation as well as spelling. Below are some use cases:

Official: “Hello Percy. I’ve observed your interest in the CleanTech CRM software application. I believed you might like to review this document.”

Casual: “yo Percy. look at this dope file on the CleanTech CRM software application.”

Well balanced: “Hey Percy, hope your week is off to a successful start! Have a look at this helpful documentation on CleanTech CRM software programs.”

An excellent publication that covers this subject is Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni. He presents a cutting-edge technique to customer service that produces abnormal levels of assurance along with commitment. Pat tells companies to be completely clear and susceptible to prospects in order to get over the challenges that disrupt customer retention. Produced for interior and exterior specialists, professionals, or any private offering long-lasting clients, Getting Naked will supply useful, workable devices that aid in eliminating difficulties as well as getting genuine, affordable results.

Do not be timid on voicemail

A study by Bizness Apps disclosed that 80% of phone calls most likely lead to voicemail. If you call your leads who do not answer, you might be lured to merely hang up and carry on to the following telephone call. Do not make that error. Voicemails could be an instrumental component of your sales process. Present yourself and inform the prospect that you are acting based on a previous phone call or email. You could then discuss useful sources that you will be willing to share through email. When your name rings a bell in their head, they are more probable to open up your email because they’ve remembered your voicemail.

Nurture them with email

If your leads do not make a purchasing choice instantly, continuously check in with them through email, phone, or social media a minimum of one or two times a week. Make sure all your emails deliver content that resolves the issues your leads or their firms will be experiencing. This could consist of whitepapers, case studies, reports or post that your potential customers might discover useful in the emails you send to them. Allow them to understand that you see their struggles and can make time for additional conversations.

The final word

All of the lead nurturing concepts that we discussed above belong to a bigger body of marketing and sales strategies integrated with the Inbound Methodology. Your CleanTech business could implement this methodology right into your existing sales and marketing campaigns to produce more leads, qualify them, and close deals much faster.

Doing this all this alone could be difficult and also intimidating. At Responsify, we collaborate with CleanTech specialists to offer strategy, support, and execution. By working together, we aid companies to bring in brand-new website visitors, convert them into qualified leads, and pleased clients.

If you would like to learn more about the right energy management software for your CleanTech business and how you can grow your business, schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session with one of our specialists today!

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