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Getting Your EMR Systems Sales Leads to Reach Out to You

In the past, Electronic Health Records (EHR) sales meant going out in search of potential customers. Nowadays, healthcare industry professionals haven’t the time to give every EHR marketer who comes their way – they are bombarded with endless ads and pitches. So, understanding how these decision makers arrive at buying decisions is crucial to your survival and success.

Roper Public Affairs, as published in Forbes, found that 80% of B2B decision-makers favor informative articles over traditional ads. In fact, 70% confessed that content helps them to feel more comfortable with a company, and 60% claims this content influences their buying decisions.

The new process we’re talking about is called Inbound Sales Methodology, which, rather than going out in search of potential customers, delivers them directly to you. Educating these potential customers with informative and timely content is a large part of the Inbound EMR systems sales process. And it accelerates trust as well as the EMR systems sales cycle by ensuring that your prospects are the right ones for your solutions.

Here are some proven EMR systems sales tactics for drawing “Inbound” potential customers to come to you:

Create buyer personas

Inbound EMR systems sales requires a lucid picture of the kinds of potential customers you desire, and that means creating Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas are made-up people that accurately resemble the problems, goals, and roles of your ideal customer. Using a survey is one of the most effective means of generating the information you need for these personas. For example, you could send the following questions to your existing customers:

  • What is your job responsibility?
  • What tools or knowledge do you use?
  • Who do you report to?
  • What are your goals?
  • What challenges are you dealing with?

Provide hyper-relevant content

Aberdeen Essentials discovered that content targeting your prospect’s position in the buyer’s journey increases conversions by 72%. And your buyer personas will help you research and outline the content they most desire.

  • Awareness Stage – your lead has a problem they’re attempting to identify. You can help them by providing informative content like blog posts, eBooks, and even social media posts that help them navigate this stage.
  • Consideration Stage – your lead understand their problem now and hopes to find possible solutions. You can build authority and establish trust with them by providing white papers, how-to guides, and hosting webinars that include a Q&A segment.
  • Decision Stage – your lead has found the type of solution they need, and now they’re comparison shopping the options. Offer them product comparison charts, a free trial, case studies, and live demos to help them realize the benefit and value of your EHR solution.

Optimize your content for search engines

Research and implement the best keywords for your content to help potential customers locate you in their searches. Collaborate with your marketing department, identify the content your target customers are seeking. Tools like Wordstream, SERPs and Moz are invaluable for researching the keywords. To improve your potential SEO success, opt for long-tail keywords with little competition. But don’t limit your efforts to keyword research. If you hope to increase your ranking, remain aware of trends and pain points to guide your content creation.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for gathering leads. Begin by enhancing your profile to showcase the value you provide. Highlight your achievements and professional certifications. Posting useful content on LinkedIn Pulse will help position you as an industry authority. But don’t fall for those cliche ‘Top mistakes’ and ‘How-to’ posts congesting LinkedIn. Rather you should post content that will challenges status-quo thinking. Participating in LinkedIn groups is also effective for building trust with prospects. By answering your potential customers’ questions, you also pique their curiosity in what it is that you are your company provide. And, of course, don’t forget to always link back to your blog posts in the LinkedIn newsfeed, drawing more of the right kind of visitors to your EHR site.

Create visual content

Social Media Examiner report found that 19% of companies see visual content as critical. Images attract viewers and improve the odds they will read your content. Furthermore, sprinkling images throughout text-heavy content helps readers remain engaged. And, of course, high-quality images showcasing your product or service favorably enhances how viewers will see your company, which could potentially mean more EMR systems sales.

Create a newsletter

Email newsletters that visitors can opt-in to receive is a powerful means of fostering enduring relationships with potential customers. But use these newsletters wisely. Keep the content brief, relevant and on-topic. Use personalized subject lines to improve open rates. And don’t forget to always close with a call-to-action (CTA).

Use stories

Traditional B2B content has a reputation for being boring. But that needn’t be the case. For example, Microsoft shares employee, product, and company stories that entertain readers. This brings an unmistakable human element to your company and creates more trusting relationships with potential customers. And why not encourage your own existing customers, or even potential ones, to share a story of their own for publication on your company site? They are much more likely to share these pages with their colleagues, which greatly expands your brand awareness.

Ask for referrals

Testimonials from satisfied customers are gold. You should always ask your newly created happy customers for referrals, even offer incentives for following through. These referrals are much more likely to be qualified leads much further along in the buyer’s journey.

The Final Word

We’ve been talking about the Inbound methodology here. A large part of Inbound is learning to think like your potential clients, thus knowing which content they will most relate to and find most helpful. This involves a customer-centered approach to sales that develops trust more quickly and improves the odds of converting prospects into satisfied customers.

We aren’t going to lie. Implementing an effective Inbound methodology can appear next to impossible when tackling it alone. That’s why we here at Responsify team-up with EHR sales and business development professionals to create the strategy, deliver the support, and offer all the help necessary for integrating Inbound. By partnering with Responsify, your marketing and salespeople will begin attracting new, high-quality traffic, converting them to qualified leads and satisfied customers.

We’ve helped countless sales professionals just like you to integrate Inbound into their existing sales processes. So, reserve your free strategy session now. We’ll help evaluate your assets and provide high-value, actionable insights and suggestions that will steer more qualified leads to you!

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