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What’s the secret to boosting web traffic? There’s no easy answer, but running after every physician isn’t the best idea. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get them to come to you?

By producing informative content, prospects will come to see you as a trusted source of knowledge. Once you have their trust, they’ll be primed to explore your EHR solution with open arms.

Inbound isn’t only about content creation, nor is it a quick or complete fix. But by following some of its principles, 3 of your peers have transformed their websites into traffic-generating engines.

You can do the same! Let’s take a look at how.

EHR Companies

When you get to CureMD’s main page, you can easily find their blog under the Resources tab. This may seem like a small point, but visitors won’t be able to consume your content if they can’t find it.

Another point that stands out is the use of interesting visuals. To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with stock photos. With that said, seeing the same, plain photos on every site puts users to sleep. Provocative designs like the “Ransom Alert” graphic scream “Click me!” Don’t underestimate the power of great images.

Pretty pictures aside, CureMD gets the most out of their visitors with effective call-to-actions. Visitors are encouraged to “Practice Smarter” with the help of articles centered on the latest industry news, technology updates, and more. This is well-organized and a synch to navigate, which is key in keeping readers on your site.

The numbers clearly reflect the potency of their strategy:

  • *Approximately 3,000 monthly visitors
  • *31% of traffic stems from organic searches (not including referrals).

EHR Companies

If you can name it, Kareo has it. Their content ranges from blog articles to webinars, but you could argue that white papers are among their best offers.

To put it nicely, white papers aren’t known for being the most interesting reading material. But Kareo shows that with thoughtful design, informational doesn’t have to mean dull.

You’ll notice users have to submit their contact info to access the white papers. This is a common, non-invasive practice for building email contacts. You’re not forcing visitors to sign up for something irrelevant, which means they’ll be more inclined to open future emails.

The fact that Inbound isn’t intrusive might be its greatest asset. We’d wager that it plays a role in Kareo’s ability to attract *6,700 monthly visitors.

EHR Companies

CareCloud is yet another site with an endless supply of helpful resources. Although, high volume doesn’t always equal high quality. What makes CareCloud’s content so compelling is that it’s customer-centered.

In the article, “How to Ensure EHR Adoption Results in a Return on Investment”, there’s no mention of CareCloud’s products until a subtle call-to-action at the end. Rather than praising their brand, they give clinicians tips that offer instant value.

You never want to compete with your clients for attention; it should always be all about them. They’ll appreciate it, and in turn give a little back. Or in CareCloud’s case, quite a lot: Each month *11,500 visitors come flocking!
*Statistics gathered from SEMrush.


The Bottom Line

Inbound Marketing isn’t a magic wand, but it has helped the 3 EHR companies above boost their web traffic. This isn’t dumb luck or a fluke: It’s strategy! Actually, the amount of planning that goes into Inbound may surprise you.


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