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eLearning Sales Tips to Keep in Contact with Your Prospects

You’ve surely heard the phrase “the truth hurts.” So let’s start this post with a little truth that discourages lots of B2B salespeople: leads will not make a buying choice after the first meeting or call. You need to keep in touch with them for a while before these potential customers will become customers. This is no different than dating. No one goes on a first date and decides to get married. So what are the best ways to keep engaged with leads throughout the sales process to boost close rates? We’ve collected some ideas and listed them below to help you.

Here are some pointers to help you keep in touch with your Learning Management System (LMS) potential customers:

Discover more about your prospective customer

It’s hard to sell your Learning Management System product or service if you don’t know who your leads are. Because of this, you should take some time to identify your Buyer Personas. What are their job responsibilities? What are their objectives, obstacles, and obligations? Do some research on where they work. How long has that company been around? Where are they located? What are they worth? How many employees do they have? You can find much of this information on the company’s website or their LinkedIn page.

Develop and share useful content

Creating and sharing valuable content is one of the best ways to keep your leads engaged. Work with your marketing group to create regular informative content. This will make it easier for individuals that fit your Buyer Personas to find you and become qualified leads. It will also place your Learning Management System company as an authority and help you develop trust with your target market. There are many types of content you can craft, like blogs, webinars, industry reports, case studies, books, and whitepapers.

Know when to call or email

As a sales rep, you will need to determine whether to make the first contact with the prospect via phone or email. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

According to E Consultancy, 66% of marketing experts say that emails supply the best return on investment. Because an email is visual, it allows the prospective customer time to look over your information. They could choose to bookmark it and come back to look later. An email can also be sent on to other decision makers in the company. A negative aspect of emails, though, is that people are swamped with emails every day. If the recipient does not know your name, your email could be overlooked or deleted.

A phone call allows you to get in touch with the prospect much faster, introduce yourself, and add some personality. Nevertheless, there is also the chance that the call won’t be picked up if the customer is busy.

For those reasons, there is no best way to engage. You could try testing both to see which works best with your target market.

Determine the prospect’s passions and hobbies

One of the best ways to get in touch with your potential customers is to talk about their hobbies, passions, and responsibilities. You could find out more about their interests and hobbies by looking at their social media accounts. For example, if you are both followers of “Designated Survivor,” you can talk about the show at some point in the conversation. Aside from passions and hobbies, you can look at their work history, too. As important questions like “How has it been moving from Finance to Administration? Talking about your potential customers’ interests throughout your conversations is a great way to produce a connection and make more sales.

Don’t be too formal

As you get to know your leads better, cut the formalities and be a little more informal with them. This will make it easier to create a personal relationship with your potential clients. Be sure to not get too casual, as you still want them to take you seriously. Use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Here are some examples:

Too formal: “Hello, Percy. I’ve discovered your passion in our Learning Management System CRM software. I believe you may like this report.”

Too casual: “Yo, Percy! Look at this dope Learning Management System CRM software application report!”

Just right: “Hey, Percy! I hope you are well. Look at this awesome report on Learning Management System (LMS) CRM software programs!”

A great book that covers this topic is called “Getting Naked” by Pat Lencioni. The author talks about an ingenious technique for customer service that creates new levels of trust and commitment. Pat encourages companies to be upfront with their leads in order to conquer the three anxieties that undermine customer loyalty. Made for internal and external experts, professionals, or anyone working with clients, Getting Naked will offer relevant tips to help eliminate the three anxieties and get a long-lasting benefit.

Don’t hesitate to leave a voicemail

Research by Bizness Apps found that 80% of telephone calls go to voicemail. If you call your potential customers and they don’t answer, you might be tempted to just hang-up and go to the next call. But don’t make that mistake. Voicemails can be a very important part of the sales process. Introduce yourself and tell the prospect why you are calling. You could then talk about an important resource that you will share through email. When your email pops up, they will recognize your name from the call and be more likely to open it.

Nurture them with email

If your leads don’t make a buying decision right away, follow-up through email, calls, and social media at least once a week. Ensure your emails contain content that deals with the troubles your leads are experiencing. You could include whitepapers, case studies, reports, or blots that your potential customers might find helpful. Let them know you have the time to talk whenever they need to.

The final word

Every one of the lead nurturing suggestions detailed above belongs to a bigger marketing and sales strategy called Inbound Methodology. Your Learning Management System (LMS) firm could use Inbound as part of your existing sales and marketing efforts to create even more potential customers, qualify them, and close sales quickly.

Doing all of this alone can be difficult. At Responsify, we work with Learning Management System (LMS) experts to offer strategy, support, and help in applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help them bring in brand-new website customers, convert them into qualified leads, and then satisfied consumers.

If you want to learn more ways to engage with leads to accelerate your sales cycle, do not hesitate to book a totally-free strategy session. We will help you evaluate your current methods and give advice on how to make them even better.

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