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EHR Platform with Email Marketing: Increasing Brand Recognition

Over the past decade, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) software market has exploded. It seems that every year new competitors are jumping into the industry.

In fact, EvaluateMedTech found the medical and health technology market should reach $522 billion by 2022. That’s incredible! But it also raises an important question:

How does your EHR company remain competitive and at the forefront of your target customer’s mind?

Well, the obvious answer is “brand awareness.”

As we’re sure you know, brand recognition is crucial to remaining competitive. An effective brand strategy accomplishes the following:

  • Establishes your reputation
  • Develops trust with potential customers
  • Nurtures brand loyalty with converted customers

With over half-a-trillion dollars soon to be up for grabs, competition will continue to escalate. And that means brand image will become increasingly crucial to your survival.

Below are a few of the most proven ehr platform with email marketing methods for an Inbound Marketing Strategy. If put to proper use, they’ll help cement your EHR brand:

1. Don’t settle for simple content (aim for thought leadership)

Demand Gen Report found that a company’s informational content influences 51% of B2B decision-makers. It only makes sense, then, that your content should aim for thought leadership.

In addition to sharing content through your website, expand your reach by leveraging the audiences of other authority sites in your industry. By contributing articles to these sites, you’re taking advantage of a low-cost, high-return strategy for improving brand recognition and establishing thought leadership.

These opportunities are everywhere. And most allow for short author bio where you can share a company tagline, as well as links to your website and social media.

Also, be sure to engage with readers in the comment section.

2. Host webinars that actually offer solutions

A quality webinar is a powerful tool for branding. One survey revealed that a considerable 73% of B2B webinar attendees become qualified leads.

Structure your webinars around your target audience’s pain points or topics about which they are trying to find more information. Viewers will be more likely to remember the webinar and associate your brand with the information learned.

And make time at the end of your webinars Q&A’s. These are excellent opportunities for qualifying leads and building brand recognition.

3. Leverage social media for branding

Kissmetrics found that companies with focused social media engagement enjoy greater exposure to new and potential customers. And that isn’t all. Companies who leverage social media also improve their reputation and raise levels of trust.

To begin taking advantage of social media, implement the following:

  • Frequently share high-quality, relevant content
  • Quickly respond to comments
  • Regularly comment on others’ posts

4. Ask customers to share their experiences

BrightLocal discovered that online reviews are nearly as influential as referrals from friends and colleagues. In fact, 88% of customers in their study claimed the reviews they found online were just as persuasive as those from people they know.

So, reach out to your happiest clients. Ask them to review their experiences with your services. Their favorable testimonials will go a long way toward establishing credibility and brand recognition.

However, there is no avoiding the occasional negative reviews. The solution is to resolve these grievances as quickly as possible, preventing them from spreading and damaging your brand. Remain vigilant here by searching Google and social media, listening to what customers are saying about your brand, and addressing those concerns before they can flourish.

5. List your company in local directories

Appearing in local directories not only improves your ranking from Google, it also improves brand awareness with potential clients in your area.

Google My Business. That’s where you should begin. The directory is free and allows you to include pertinent information about your business. And Google My Business also integrates your location with Google Maps, a feature important to potential local customers.

After Google My Business, you might also want to list your company with directories like Citysearch, Yelp!, and Merchant Circle. And don’t forget to take advantage of listing your company on websites for local news media and trade magazines.

6. Include video content in your branding strategy

According to HubSpot’s best estimations, visual content accounts for about 93% of all our communications. That speaks volumes about how we prefer to communicate with one another. And it also suggests that integrating video with more traditional forms of content improves brand recognition.

Begin with an “About Us” video. This relays to potential customers a more vivid image of who you are and what your company is about. Your company’s homepage is a great place to share this video. And be sure to share it via your social media channels.

Next, consider creating regular “How-to” videos. Your ideal customer will find them valuable, and it will foster brand awareness.

7. Incorporate your brand into your optimized keyword phrases

You should already be optimizing your content for the keywords your target customers are searching. But a lesser-known tactic is to always include your brand name in those phrases.

In fact, use your brand name in all of your content – infographics, video blurbs, image captions, newsletters, hashtags, and social media posts. Before long, your SEO ranking will improve and your company’s social media presence will expand.


Like we said, brand recognition is essential not only to remain relevant in the highly-competitive EHR industry but also for:

  • Customer relationships built on trust
  • Expanding brand awareness
  • Scaling your company

Obviously, a developing and executing an effective brand strategy can prove more than most Electronic Health Record (EHR) software companies can handle on their own. That’s why we here at Responsify partner with electronic health and medical records services to build strategies, offer support, and provide guidance in implementing comprehensive branding strategies.

Want to know how your brand measures up against the competition? We’re here to help!

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