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EHR Marketing for Physicians and Clinicians at Practices

In the fast-paced healthcare technology environment, getting your app or EHR software in front of physicians, clinicians, and patients is essential for growth and success. The electronic health records (EHR) market is estimated to reach 44.5 billion USD by 2026.

The practice management segment is expected to lead the market mainly due to the advantages of EHR implementation in the healthcare sector. (Global Market Estimates)

With the competition vying for everyone’s attention, a smart EHR marketing strategy has become vital to increase brand awareness and become a trusted source and solution in the healthcare industry. EHR marketers dealing with a highly competitive industry need the ability to cut through the noise with educational and valuable content.

EHR content does not have to be dull. In fact, you will not hold anyone’s attention if the content isn’t enjoyable, engaging, and focused more on the business value and less on product specifics.

Content builds trust and educates a clearly defined audience. We dive into how companies that show they care about the pain points and goals their customers face through written content grow their business.

Creating blog content that is exclusively sales pitches for your product will turn away 97% of readers. (GrowthRamp) 

Let’s kick your EHR marketing strategy into high gear with well-written content geared toward your best audience!


EHR Content Marketing

Specificity, Specificity, Specificity

EHR buyers come in various sizes and shapes. There are medical facilities, doctors in solo practices, and even professionals. If you feed them all the same rehashed content that’s not valuable, not written for them and doesn’t help solve a problem, they’ll lose interest quickly.

They want content that speaks directly to them. And the way you do that is through buyer persona discovery. You learn about their specific challenges, goals, and responsibilities.

Take the information you gather on your Buyer Personas and develop content that highlights and bridges the problem they are having with your solution.


EHR Content Marketing

Focus on Solutions, not Products in EHR Marketing

Speaking of ways to avoid the hard sell, you can never go wrong if you remain focused on answering your consumers’ questions. From research, you know what they’re going to ask, sometimes even before they do. Empathize with their pain and point them in the right direction.

Be careful, though. Pointing customers in the best direction is not just taking a radiant neon arrow and directing it squarely at your company (that comes later on.) The solution to their present issue may merely be a few tips on ways to minimize data entry mistakes to seeking better functionality and ease of use that an older system is lacking .


EHR Content Marketing

Remind Them That You’re There to Help 

Reading is not usually deemed a conversational activity. After all, readers typically don’t have the chance to interact directly with the author.

Content, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. There are virtually no barriers. Readers and writers can earnestly interact through social networks, e-mails, and even the comment section of a blog.

Active reader engagement won’t come if you don’t give them a few mild (but noticeable) nudges. This is where a brilliant call-to-action shines. Whether you want visitors to download a premium content offer or register for a newsletter, you need to create a message that excites them.

What entices a potential customer will be dependent on their specific Buyer Persona. When you have them hooked, continue supporting the relationship with the consultative technique that attracted them first. Likewise, don’t hesitate to mention additional calls-to-action after they’ve accepted a deal. If they like your eBook, there’s a great chance they’ll appreciate another one or a free consultation.


The Bottom Line

A specific, focused content strategy resonates with physicians and clinicians. It speaks their language, offers the beginnings of a solution, and reels them in for more. A haphazard generalized approach will no longer work.

Developing an EHR content strategy on your own can be daunting if you are new to the inbound way. Teaming up with a content provider might be an option worth looking into.

Learn more about the different types of content strategies to accelerate growth and what’s needed to develop an effective content and inbound strategy.

We help health tech companies find the right content strategy to engage and educate their audiences to accelerate growth effectively. Feel free to book a 1-on-1 Content Strategy Session with our lead strategist today!

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