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7 Tactics to Increase Your Market Share in Education Technology Market

Today’s buyers are savvier than ever before. Inviting them to trade shows or messaging them through traditional marketing methods have become inadequate ways to get the interest of your target market. Nowadays, everybody goes on the internet to look for the information they need instead of relying on public advertisements or generic sales pitches. This includes the key buyers in Education Technology (EdTech).

A recent report by Hubspot revealed that 92.7% of businesses using Inbound strategies generate significantly more leads compared to those that use traditional marketing and sales processes.

With that insight, it’s clear that the best way to grab the attention of buyers nowadays is by providing helpful content that they may find valuable.

This marketing and sales strategy, collectively called Inbound Methodology, will result in more sales and boost your market share in the Education Technology (EdTech) market.

Here are 7 fantastic suggestions for boosting your market share using Inbound Methodology:

1. Define your ideal buyers

Boosting your market share does not mean that you should try to get everyone’s attention. Instead, you want to draw in individuals who are likely to be thinking about learning more about your Education Technology (EdTech) company. Buyer Personas are imaginary personalities that represent your ideal consumers, and you could work with your marketing and sales team to define them for your company.

  1. Begin by charting out what markets you can serve.
  2. Select the one you want to concentrate your resources on, and the one that offers the most revenue.
  3. Outline what ideal company attributes exist for companies in that market.
  4. Define your ideal individuals in those companies, including decision-makers and influencers by documenting the following details:
    • What are their job responsibilities?
    • What are their goals and challenges?
    • What would stop them from buying?
    • What prompts them to buy?
    • How do they make their buying decisions?
    • Where and how do they get their info?

Name your personas so everyone can easily refer to them (‘Hospital Administrator Aidan’, ‘Private Practitioner Peter’, and so on).

Aligning your marketing and sales content with the needs of your ideal clients will allow you to generate more qualified leads and will increase your sales and revenue.

2. Optimize content for different devices

According to Mobile Marketing Association, smartphones play a vital role at every phase of the buyer’s journey as everyone can view info with one simple tap. You never know if your target market is seeing your content on a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. For that reason, make sure your content is optimized to offer your potential customers a positive user experience on all devices. The size of your CTA button and text font, the length of your content, and your website’s format are things you must take into consideration when maximizing for different devices. Your emails also need to be computer and mobile-friendly.

3. Use social media advertising campaigns

Social media advertising is a powerful and cost-effective way of growing your fans base and followers in a short time. By spending just a few dollars each day, you can get to countless targeted potential customers around the world using networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. To take full advantage, keep your social media advertisements brief as many people don’t have the time to click ‘read more’ for more information. Don’t use jargon that would make your content confusing and make sure that your ad content shows what your company stands for in the Education Technology (EdTech) industry. You could also use emojis, GIFs, or brief video clips to engage your target market. Split test various advertisement to figure out what works best.

4. Nurture your leads with personalized emails

Mass emails could be bothersome but if used right, email newsletters could be a really effective strategy for nurturing your leads until they convert to clients. Providing your customers with relevant content regularly allows you to engage your leads and establish loyalty. To increase the click-through rate of your emails, you could customize the subject lines with your prospect’s name and search phrases that can get their attention. Stay away from using your emails to advertise and sell your product and services as you do not want to frighten readers away. Instead, offer instructional content that will equip your target market and help them make better buying decisions.

5. Utilize case studies

Before making buying decisions, most leads will want some evidence that your Education Technology (EdTech) product and services will satisfy their needs. You could use case studies to tell stories of your existing consumers that found value in buying your services. Make sure the consumers included in your case studies are aligned with your buyer personas. This will make it easier for your potential customers to relate to the stories. A case study needs to discuss what your customer’s needs and objectives were and how you were their solution. Use real numbers to show just what was accomplished. For example, you can state that Private Practitioner Peter had 50% more visits to his office in 5 months after he integrated your Education Technology (EdTech) service into his organization. Repurpose your case studies content like infographics, YouTube video clips, or podcasts to accommodate different kinds of learners.

6. Use effective call-to-actions

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that is used to entice your website visitors to take a desired action. Use words like ‘Try our platform today’ or ‘Click now’ to develop a feeling of urgency that will make site visitors want to act immediately. Make sure the CTA tells leads precisely what you want them to do. To draw the visitor’s attention to the CTA, use a color that contrasts with the website background. Having a photo of an individual looking at the CTA could also help attract the visitor’s interest. A properly designed CTA can increase your conversion rates.

7. Take advantage of video content

Most people prefer viewing a video over reading a short article. Video marketing can, therefore, help you engage a big chunk of your target market more than blogs, reports, whitepapers or ebooks. Nevertheless, your video clips must focus on telling stories and not driving sales. Tell stories about how the firm started, how your products are developed, and why your employees like working for the company. This will produce a connection with your leads and build trust. Remember to include CTAs like ‘Follow/like our page‘ and also ‘Leave us a comment’.

The final word

Boosting your Education Technology (EdTech) firm’s market share could be challenging since it’s tough to determine which areas of your organization you should fine tune. But, we can say with confidence that tweaking your marketing and sales processes to match the minds of today’s buyers will most definitely prove to be effective.

We’ve worked with many CEOs and Directors to help implement Inbound marketing and sales into their Education Technology (EdTech) companies. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now to get help examining your assets and obtain insightful and suggestions to boost your market share!

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