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Tips to Keep in Contact with Your Education Software Sales Prospects

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “the truth hurts.” Let’s begin this article with a truth that frustrates every business B2B salesperson: Leads will not make buying decision after they first get in contact with you. You will undoubtedly have to remain in contact with them for a long time before these prospects finally convert into consumers. This is no different than dating: nobody gets married after the first date. So, what are the best methods to keep in touch with leads throughout the education software sales process and boost close rates? We’ve collected some suggestions to help you out!

Here are some pointers for keeping in touch with your education software sales prospects:

Find out more concerning your possible customer

It’s tough to sell your Education Technology (EdTech) services or products if you do not have a clear understanding of you are selling to. Since this is the case, you need to take the time to specify what your Buyer Personas are. What are their duties to the business? Exactly what are their objectives, difficulties, and responsibilities? Research the company that they work for. For how many years have they been in business? Where are they found? What are their values? How many workers do they have? You could find these details on their firm website or LinkedIn profile.

Develop and share valuable content

Developing and sharing valuable content one of the best ways of keeping your potential customers involved. Working with your marketing team to create instructional material frequently will make it much less complicated for individuals that fit your Buyer Persona accounts to find you and become your qualified leads. Additionally, it will place your Education Technology (EdTech) business as an authority will help your target market develop trust in you. There are many forms of content that your group can use including blog posts, webinars, industry reports, case studies, e-books and white papers.

Know when to call or email

As an education software sales person, you get to choose whether to make the first contact with a prospect through the phone or through email. Both techniques have their pros and cons.
According to E Consultancy, 66% of marketing experts claim that email provides exceptional ROI. Given that an email is aesthetic, it offers your possible customer time to consider your deals. They could also bookmark your email for future referral. An email could also be sent to various other decision makers within the company. However, a downside to sending out e-mails is that many people’s inboxes are being swamped with countless e-mails, daily! If the recipient does not acknowledge your name, your email could only wind up neglected, removed, or noted as spam.

A telephone call allows you to get to the prospect quicker, develop yourself as a person rather than a salesman, and allows you to include some individuality to your message. However, there is always the chance that your call will not be picked up.

Considering the pros and cons of each, there is no surefire way to engage. You could try out rotating between sending out e-mails and making telephone calls to see what works best with your target market in general.

Identify the prospect’s passions and pastimes

One of the best ways to get connect with your leads is to discuss their interest, hobbies, functions, and characters. You find out more regarding the prospect’s interests and pastimes by taking a look at their social media accounts. For example, if you are both followers of ‘Designated Survivor,’ you might mention the series somewhere in your discussion. Aside from hobbies and interests, you can also look into their work history. Ask appropriate questions like, “How has it been transitioning from Finance to Admin?” Referring to your prospective customer’s passions throughout your discussions will undoubtedly make it less complicated to develop a connection and ultimately make a sale.

Cut the formality

As you get more and more familiar with your prospects, you can let your hair down and take on a much more informal method to your interactions. This will undoubtedly make it less complicated to establish personal connections with your possible consumers. Nonetheless, do not take it so far to the point where your prospects stop taking you seriously. Make sure to utilize correct capitalization, punctuation, and proper spelling at all times. Here are some examples:

    • Too formal: “Hello Percy. I’ve just noticed your interest in Education Technology (EdTech) CRM software. I thought you might want to read this report
    • Too informal: “yo percy. have a look at this dope report on Education Technology (EdTech) CRM software
    • Balanced: “Hey Percy, hope you’re doing well! Check out this awesome report on Education Technology (EdTech) CRM software.”

A terrific publication that covers this subject is called Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni. In this book, the author presents a cutting-edge strategy to customer service that creates extreme levels of trust and loyalty. Pat tests service providers to be totally clear and vulnerable with prospects in order to overcome the three anxieties that eventually sabotage customer allegiance. Developed for interior or exterior specialists, experts or any specific offering long-lasting clients, Getting Naked will offer useful, workable tools to help viewers to remove the usual three anxieties to find a competitive edge.

Do not be scared of voicemail

A research study by Bizness Apps found that 80% of phone calls end up going to voicemail. If you call your potential customers and they do not pick up, you may want to just hang up and move on to the next phone call. Do not make that mistake! Voicemails can be an extremely reliable component of your education software sales process. Present on your own and tell the prospect that you are acting on a previous phone call or email. You could then point out a useful resource that you be sharing them through email. When they can recognize your name, they are more probable to open up the email.

Nurture them with emails

If your potential customers do not make an buying decision promptly, continuously follow up with them through email, phone, or social media at least once or twice a week. Make sure your e-mails include content that attend to troubles that your prospects or their business might be experiencing. You could also include white papers, case studies, reports, or blog posts that your potential customers could find handy in the e-mails you send to them. Let them know that you are willing to make the time to discuss further.

The Bottom Line

All the lead nurturing ideas detailed above belong to a larger body of marketing and sales strategies integrated into the Inbound Methodology. Your Education Technology (EdTech) business could include Inbound into your existing education software sales and marketing efforts to generate even more leads, qualify them, close more deals quicker!

Doing this alone can be complicated. At Responsify, we companion with Education Technology (EdTech) experts to offer strategy, support, and assistance in executing these tasks. By collaborating, we help businesses strategically draw in new site users, convert them into qualified leads, and eventually into pleased clients.

If you would like to learn more about how you can better engage prospects to accelerate your education software sales cycle, do not hesitate to book a free strategy session now! We could help you by assessing your properties and supplying you with customized recommendations to put you on the path to success!

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