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How to Scale Your Growth Fast Using EdTech SEO

Scaling an Education Technology (EdTech) firm is no easy job. You need the right people to develop your product and market and sell it. Then you need the best ‘process’ to take a firm to real and lasting growth. After B2B firms play out the traditional strategies of getting new consumers with recommendations, referrals, partnerships, buying lists, going to trade shows, blasting self-promotional emails, and so on, they need new and lasting methods to grow. Offering solutions to people in Education Technology are no exception.

That’s where a new process of attracting ideal consumers enters the mix called ‘Inbound Marketing and Sales’ (or ‘smarketing’).+

An increasing number of businesses in various industries are starting to integrate the Inbound method as part of their marketing and sales strategies. According to a current State of Inbound Report by Hubspot, businesses are 3 times more likely to get greater ROI using Inbound campaigns compared to using traditional, outbound marketing and sales techniques. Inbound strategies have a number of benefits including:

  • Helps increase brand awareness
  • Costs a lot less compared to traditional approaches like advertisements, cold-calling, and so on
  • Allows you to construct long-term relationships with clients by consistently providing tips and insights on relevant subjects
  • Produces top-quality website traffic and leads
  • Builds credibility and trust with potential customers

Below are 4 B2B businesses that scaled their growth by applying the Inbound Methodology:


Flex-A-Seal is a company that creates and makes mechanical seals for commercial pumps.

When the employees at Flex-A-Seal saw that they weren’t generating enough web traffic to the site, they partnered with an Inbound company to try Inbound marketing. The company updated the firm’s website and optimized it for search making use of pertinent keywords. As a result, the website ranked high in search results for targeted search phrases and its organic website traffic grew by more than 95%. The Inbound agency also developed free suggestion sheets that site visitors to Flex-A-Seal’s website can download and install in return for their contact information. This strategy produced more than 50 qualified leads in 4 months.

Flex-A-Seal also had a factory in Brazil and wanted to improve their sales in the South American market. The Inbound firm produced, a microsite targeted specifically at Spanish speakers. This created numerous leads throughout various Latin American nations and raised Flex-A-Seal’s sales by 400%.

Besides focusing on their website, Flex-A-Seal wanted to generate even more leads using social media platforms. The Inbound agency created a LinkedIn account for the firm and trained key executives and sales representatives on prospecting and engagement. As a result of this campaign, Flex-A-Seal enhanced their LinkedIn fans by 800% and established themselves as an authority in the fluid sealing market!

Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a leading manufacturer of oil and fuel additives.

Originally, the company did not have a website that they could use to produce leads online. Considering that they wanted to increase brand recognition, the initial step was to develop an expert website. To start this, Bell Performance looked for the solutions from an Inbound agency. The firm first helped Bell Performance identify their buyer personas and develop a customized website with content that targeted their ideal buyers. This helped improved their organic website traffic by 700% in one year.

The Inbound agency also created landing pages with the objective of getting website visitors’ contact information. Various offers were advertised through social media and email marketing to guide potential clients to the landing pages. This boosted the firm’s lead generation by 1400% in just 2 years.

By using Inbound strategies, Bell Performance had the ability to close 600 new online sales in the very first year. In the second year, their online sales increased by 80%!

HUI Manufacturing

HUI Manufacturing is a company that specializes in sheet metal fabrication of medical carts and industrial products.

This company had previously utilized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to generate leads and wanted to check out new strategies for drawing in organic traffic. They too made the decision to seek help from an Inbound agency. This agency helped HUI Manufacturing create the Medical Carts blog and established a 6-month content calendar with blog posts that pertained to the prospective clients’ needs. They also developed long-form content like cheat sheets, e-books, and guides that required the target audience to send their contact information before downloading. This content was advertised via targeted LinkedIn groups.

The outcome was a 68% boost in organic website traffic and 115% rise in web traffic from LinkedIn alone. Website lead conversions were improved by 150%. In the first eleven months, the overall new sales created through Inbound techniques led to more than two million dollars in revenue.

Corrugated Metals

Corrugated Metals is a company that offers metal corrugating products and services for the defense, transportation, equipment, and construction markets.

This company had struggled to attract high-quality leads and increase their sales revenue. To overcome this problem, they decided to employ an Inbound agency to help them reach their goals. The first step was to upgrade the whole business website and make it responsive so it displayed well on smartphones and computers. Then, they created blog content on topics like ‘energy efficient building materials’ to bring in organic traffic with key phrases optimized for search. This content was advertised using various social media platforms to get even more visitors to go to Corrugated Metals’ website.

With this marketing campaign, Corrugated Metals experienced a 198% boost in website traffic and a 285% jump in leads!

The Bottom line

The world is changing rapidly and it’s extremely important that every element of a company is up-to-date to match the requirements of its clients. Today’s buyers will not totally disregard generic content, but they will certainly value educational, relevant content created using ‘Inbound’ strategies. It’s time to put your ideal prospects first and your business last so you can get the attention of your potential customers and increase your revenue.

As Inbound experts, Responsify has helped many marketing professionals and sales teams integrate Inbound into their lead generating and nurturing processes. Don’t hesitate to book your free strategy session now. We can help you assess your assets and get free insights and suggestions in order to help scale your Education Technology (EdTech) business!

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