EdTech Companies Marketing Strategy: Who’s Visiting Your Website

Have you ever before stopped to wonder who exactly is seeing your Education Technology (EdTech) business website? If you just knew who your readers were, you could figure out if they are qualified to be a customer. Your readers are potential clients that your sales group could engage with to close more deals and ultimately increase revenue. Am I on the mark?. You’re not alone. The fact is many Education Technology (EdTech) online marketers have no idea who is seeing their website.

While tools like Google Analytics show you the number of individuals that are seeing your Education Technology (EdTech) website, it does not disclose the ID of site visitors or their IP addresses. Google withholds information to shield the personal privacy of their site visitors. Though this is terrific, it’s not so terrific for marketing experts making use of the tool. Luckily, there are numerous tools that you could make use of to find out more about your site visitors including how they discovered your site, how frequently they come back to your site, well as which web pages they check out the most.

Beyond “tools,” there are critical “strategies” to coerce your site visitors into exposing themselves by providing their info on your website (we’re not simply talking about contact forms and “get demo” buttons).

Whether your target market consists of choice making C-Level Executives or Directors in companies and schools, having the ability to check in on their activity early in the sales cycle will allow you to create far better leads and close much more sales.

Here are a few of the edtech companies marketing strategy and tools that you could make use of to understand who is seeing your Education Technology (EdTech) website:


The Techniques

To start, ask yourself these four inquiries:
What is the size, extent, and appeal of our Education Technology (EdTech) business’s website?
Compared to others, how appealing is it?
What does it cost to maintain the site? Has content been developed to bring in brand-new site visitors?
What motivation does the website give for individuals to take action?

Your objective is to understand who is interested in your solution, and provide value to these ideal customers. By producing strategic content that brings in the ideal visitors, and enticing them to click a Call-to-Action to download and install Premium Content Offers (e-books, Reports, How-to Guides, Calculators, Etc.), you are establishing a process to catch the identify and interest of the leads that visit your firm’s website.

This method is referred to as Inbound Marketing. Before you utilize tools to assist you, you need a competent Inbound Strategy, followed by content to engage your website site visitors so that you can convert them into qualified leads.

The ideal content, with the proper SEO, blended with efficient tools, offers you the ability to uncover the identity of even more of your site visitors to qualify them for your sales team.

Now, onto the tools!

The tools


One of the most effective and also full-featured tools offered to marketing experts, is the platform Hubspot. Hubspot Marketing Free is a powerful tool that will undoubtedly help you to discover a lot about a lead before they even submit a form. Hubspot’s Prospects Tool allows marketing experts to see the IP and company of anonymous site visitors. They have functions that also allow you to capture personal details by quickly informing you when a visitor shares their email, to immediately recognize who they are, where they originated from, what web pages they went to on your site, and where they work. This useful information will allow you to follow up with leads in a much more effective manner. You will also know which pieces of content are generating the most traffic, allowing you to place even more emphasis on them. When the lead visits your website again, the monitoring will start off where it ended. In this manner, you will always know what the prospect’s interests are at any given point.


Kickfire makes use of exclusive identification technology to recognize firms that are seeing your website. You will get accurate info concerning the firm, permitting you to connect with potential customers even earlier than usual in the buying cycle. Kickfire also allows you to keep track of site visitors by their username, email address, profits, market, or other distinct identifiers. This tool also includes a lead ranking system that allows you to determine the which leads are more qualified than others.


Leadfeeder is an internet application that allows you to monitor the actions of leads on your site. You could incorporate it into preferred CRMs such as Zoho, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. When implemented, Leadfeeder will provide information to your CRM about precisely what your potential customers are doing on your site. Leadfeeder could additionally be integrated into Google Analytics to expose the identity of individuals that are seeing your website. Among the most useful aspects of this application is its automated reporting capability. Your leads’ contact information will be sent out instantly to your email inbox and CRM. This means you will always have the necessary information when you need it. Leadfeeder also has a lead ranking feature for better lead qualification.

IP monitoring tools

Anytime a prospect sees your website the IP address of the visitor is recorded on your internet server. The IP address could expose plenty of details. For example, you could make use of IP2Location to figure out the area of the visitor’s web service. You could utilize IP Checking as well as a ‘Who Is’ to do a ‘Who Is‘ search figure out who owns the IP address. If your site gets various site visitors from the same business, each one will be tracked independently by time and date.

Nevertheless, these IP lookup tools are not sure-fire. Your website site visitors could make use of standard web solutions to camouflage their identification. The bright side is that a lot of CRMs have attributes that enable you to filter your outcomes.

Since you’ve determined your website site visitors, let’s quickly explore the best options available for following up with your new leads!

The Follow-up

When you have determined your site visitors, it’s always a good idea to keep them engaged through valuable content, call them and ask precisely what they like about your content and offer to share additional sources, or send out a Lead Nurturing Email. Below is an example of a message that your sales group might use when following up with a determined prospect:

” Hi [Contact name],

Noticed that you downloaded [Premium Content Offer Title].
Did you find it useful?

Thought this article may interest you also:
[Title of a Helpful and Related Blog Post]

I’m happy to spend time with you to share any insights and resources I can to help you.

Would it be helpful to discuss [Related Topic] on a quick call?”

A lot of potential customers will be happily stunned that you know they saw your site and would agree to go over things and aid them in furthering their research.



The two critical takeaways from this article both start with the letter “T.” Executing the very best Technique like Inbound Marketing to offer strangers rewards for discovering your site when browsing online, followed by leveraging the best Tools for transforming and recording leads (Hubspot), will help you to draw in and reveal your suitable site visitors to master lead-generation!

It can be tough to do all this alone. We right here at Responsify companion with Education Technology (EdTech) online marketers to offer strategy, support, and aid in applying these tasks. By collaborating we help online marketers tactically draw in brand-new website site visitors and convert them into qualified leads and delighted consumers.

We’ve assisted many marketing pros to integrate the Inbound Marketing Methodology right into their existing marketing mix.

If you would benefit from the strategies detailed above and would like assistance with your Education Technology (EdTech) firm revealing more qualified leads, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact us now for a free strategy session!. We’re pleased to spend time helping you assess your possessions and offer insights on where you can take your Education Technology (EdTech) firm from here!

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