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Digital Health Campaign: Marketing Tips to Increase Brand Recognition

In recent years, the digital health campaign market has expanded exponentially. New competitors seemingly pop up throughout each year. According to a report by EvaluateMedTech, the medical and health technology market is due to reach $522 billion dollars by 2022. So how do Healthcare Technology companies stay in the game and ensure their brand is first in their potential customer’s minds? By increasing their brand recognition through digital health campaigns.

As you likely already know, brand recognition amongst your audience is very important to successfully compete. When done properly, creating brand awareness improves the reputation of your company, builds trust with your prospects, and instills brand loyalty in your customers. This is critical to gaining a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market.

We’ve gathered a handful of ideas, as part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy, that you can implement in a Digital Health Campaign to increase the brand recognition of your Healthcare Technology business:

1. Write a lot of thought leadership content

A study by Demand Gen Report revealed that about 51% of B2B buyers look for educational content before making a buying decision. Besides publishing posts on your site, it would be a good idea to contribute guest posts to other well-known sites in your niche. This allows you to reach a new audience and promote your brand at little cost. Most sites that accept guest posts have a small author bio where you can share briefly about your business and leave links to your site or social media accounts. This allows you to create awareness of your brand and even attract followers. The comment section at the end of the blog post offers an opportunity to interact further with readers.

2. Host helpful webinars regularly

Hosting a helpful webinar is a very effective strategy for engaging with prospects and promoting your brand. A recent survey of marketers showed that at least 20% of webinar attendees are converted into qualified leads. You can use a webinar to address popular topics that your target audience would want to learn more about. After the webinar is over, you can have a Q&A session where you can address the questions and concerns of the attendees. Interacting with your audience in this manner will establish you as an expert and ingrain your brand in their minds.

3. Engage and promote strategic content on social media

According to Kissmetrics, brands that are highly engaged on social media have a higher chance of being discovered by new prospects. Leveraging social media will not only boost your brand recognition, but also enhance your credibility among prospects and customers. Take time to promote the useful content you create for prospects frequently and be sure to respond to comments. You can also visit other people’s accounts and leave comments on their posts. To generate more engagement, consider holding a contest or digital health campaign where likes, comments or retweets/shares of your posts are rewarded.

4. Encourage customers to share positive reviews

A study by BrightLocal has shown than 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Ask some of your satisfied customers to share their experience with your company or product. Positive reviews will not only make your company more visible, but will also boost your credibility in the industry. However, it is inevitable that some people will occasionally spread negative reviews about your product or company. A quick search on Google or social media sites will give you an idea of what people are saying. Be sure to manage such negative reviews quickly to protect your brand from being tarnished.

5. Get listed in local directories

Getting your company listed in a local directory will significantly enhance your brand visibility to local prospects, as well as boost your ranking in search engines. Google My Business is the first place where you need to get your business listed. It is free and allows you to add details such as business hours, telephone numbers and types of payments received. You can even upload your logo and photos of your products or services. Google My Business also incorporates Google Maps, meaning prospects are able to figure exactly where you are located. Other online directories which you might consider joining include Citysearch, Merchant Circle and Yelp. Don’t forget to lookout for listings by local news sites and trade magazines.

6. Incorporate video content

HubSpot suggests that 93% of all human communication is made up of visual content. This means that people will connect with your brand more effectively after watching a video clip compared to just reading text content. Start by creating an ‘About Us’ video to give prospects a good idea of what your brand is all about. You could embed this video on your website’s homepage, as well as post it on your social media accounts. ‘How-to’ videos would also be a great idea for increasing your brand recognition.

7. Use branded keywords in your content

One of the best ways of creating brand recognition is by consistently incorporating the brand name in your content. This could be blog posts, infographics, video descriptions, photo captions and newsletters. Don’t forget to use branded hashtags in your social media posts. This will improve your search engine rankings and make your brand more visible on social media digital health campaign.

The Bottom Line

Increasing the brand recognition is a crucial to staying competitive and scaling your business successfully. You want your prospects to understand how your brand is different from others in your industry and, more importantly, to trust your company. Thus, it is important to gear your marketing methodology, resources, and tools towards increasing your Healthcare Technology company’s brand recognition.

It can be very challenging to do all of this alone. We here at Responsify partner with healthcare technology marketers to offer strategy, support, and help implementing these activities, so they can strategically expand their brand recognition.

If you’d like an evaluation of your company’s brand recognition, we are here to help! Feel free to request a free strategy session now to help you review your assets and get free insights and suggestions to guide you in the right direction.

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