How to Shorten Clinical Administration Software Sales Cycles

The Clinical Administration and Backend software sales cycle could last anywhere from a few weeks to months or even years. We’ve heard from sales experts that eight months is the standard. According to a report by Demand Gen, clinical administration software sales cycles have become longer because of the increase in decision makers in the B2B purchasing process. Buyers are also spending more time doing research before buying, which suggests that much less explanation required on the salesperson’s end, but the same sales cycle time.

Below are some terrific strategies for reducing the clinical administration software sales cycles:

Align your information and content with the Buyer’s Journey

Your leads go to various phases of the Buyer’s Journey. Consequently, you have to guarantee that your sales content is lined up with their corresponding phase. This will make it less complicated to educate them, move them to the following phase, and ultimately convert them into satisfied buyers.

  • Awareness phase – At the start of the clinical administration software sales cycles, your potential customers are not certain of what they need. This is called the “Awareness Phase,” because they are identifying their issues and figuring out how to solve them. So, before setting up a sales call, make sure to give prospects in this phases informational content. This could include blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and whitepapers. As you help the lead start identifying their troubles, you can see if they are a qualified lead and whether your Clinical Administration and Backend software product and services could help them. Doing so will help you focus on leads that will actually need your service.
  • Consideration phase – At this phase, potential customers understand their trouble or difficulty and have decided to fix it. They are taking into consideration a variety of ways to do so. You should give them content that positions you as an authority in the market and details options for your lead. White papers, webinars, case studies, and overviews are great ways to encourage leads to consider you over your competitors. Your content for the Consideration phase should not include anything concerning your Clinical Administration and Backend software firm’s services right now. Your content must concentrate on informing your leads and helping them understand the ways to meet their needs. An example of Consideration phase content is Buzz Sumo’s specialist webinar collection where potential customers could obtain recommendations, methods, and ideas from various content marketing experts.
  • Decision phase – Now, your leads have made a decision on which approach will meet their needs. They are comparing the benefits of various offers from different Clinical Administration and Backend software firms and trying to figure out which would be best for them. Content such as trial video clips, comparison charts, trial offers, and summaries are great for this phase. Other ways of leveraging content are industry-specific case studies, blog posts that contrast and show your Clinical Administration and Backend software’s strengths and also online calculators to help computer the ROI of your Clinical Administration and Backend software remedies.

Take advantage of email automation systems to inform potential customers

A Salesforce State of Marketing report (2017) found that 67% of the marketing and sales leaders use automation software programs. It also states that in the next 24 months, an additional 21% will start using automation systems. You can reduce your clinical administration software sales cycles a great deal by automating your work. For example, instead of manually posting social media content and sending out Lead Nurturing Emails, you could use an app to do that automatically. The content in your automated emails and social media posts will help nurture your leads and make it easier to convert them into customers. Automating your sales initiatives will not just reduce your clinical administration software sales cycles, but will help reduce expenses for each lead. Automation will also free up some time and allow you to concentrate on other important parts of your work as a busy sales rep.

Offer ways for leads to request pricing, and demonstrate value

The prospect always wants to know the pricing of your services or product. If your Clinical Administration and Backend software application or equipment is widely known or competitively valued, add a “Request a Quote” button on your website. This will help you start the conversation to find out as much as possible about what they need (before you ever give a quote), to place a value on your product. This allows you to be receptive to interested leads in the Decision phase of the Buyer’s Journey, and will minimize the clinical administration software sales cycles.

Follow-up your content with consistent telephone calls to help potential customers

Blogs, social media posts, white papers, case studies, and reports are all great ways to keep in touch with your leads throughout the sales process. But you want to reduce your clinical administration software sales cycles, and getting on the phone with your potential customers can help you do that. Phone calls allow you to develop a closer connection to your prospect. They also give you the chance to answer any questions the client might have. The Marketing Donut found that 80% of sales need 5 subsequent telephone calls after meeting the prospect. These calls don’t simply have to be for sales. Use them to inform prospects of the value of the offer. Calls can be useful during any stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

The significant takeaways

Clinical administration software sales cycles can be exceptionally long, and it’s crucial to reduce these cycles for your pipeline. The pointers laid out above are part of the Inbound Sales Methodology, and will help you plan your method to make your leads feel engaged and taken care of throughout the sales cycle.

This is a lot of work to do alone, though. Responsify works with Clinical Administration and Backend software sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and assistance in applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help marketing and sales teams tactically bring in brand-new site visitors, and convert them to qualified leads and accelerate the closing process.

We’ve helped lots of skilled salesmen weave the Inbound Methodology right into their complex sales process. Don’t hesitate to schedule your complimentary strategy session to help you review your methods and help you shorten your clinical administration software sales cycles!

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