Clinical Administration Software Marketing to Increase Brand Recognition

The clinical administration and backend software market has seen significant growth recently. Competitors seem to pop up all the time. According to a report by EvaluateMedTech, the clinical and wellness technology market is positioned to reach $522 billion by 2022. So exactly how do clinical administration and backend software firms remain in the game and ensure their brand name is front and center in their customer’s mind? By enhancing their brand name recognition!

Brand name recognition is critical if you want to compete. If you do it right, developing brand name recognition will boost the credibility of your business, build trust with your leads, and will increase brand loyalty. This is key to remaining competitive in the growing market.

We’ve collected a handful of tips, as a component of an Inbound Marketing Strategy and clinical administration software marketing, that you could execute to raise the brand name recognition of your clinical administration and backend software service:

1. Produce consistent industry-authority content

A research study by Demand Gen Report disclosed that 51% of B2B buyers search for instructional content before they make a purchasing choice. In addition to posting articles on your site, you could guest post on other well-known sites in your industry. This will help you expand your target audience and advertise with little cost. Many sites allow guest posts and let you add in a writer biography with contact information, social media links, and a brief description of your company. This will help you up your name recognition and gain more viewers. Use the comment section at the end of the post to further engage with the audience.

2. Host consistent informative webinars

Informational webinars are a great strategy to engage leads and advertise your brand name. A current study of marketing professionals revealed that at least 20% of webinar guests are turned into qualified leads. Use the webinar to talk through prominent subjects and questions that your target market would want to know more about. Include a Q&A session after the webinar to answer any other questions or concerns in real time. This will help develop you as a specialist and will keep your brand name in their minds.

3. Engage and advertise strategic content on social channels

According to Kissmetrics, brand names that are very involved on social media have a greater possibility of being discovered by brand-new leads. Leveraging social media will both enhance your brand name recognition and boost your trust amongst leads and customers. Take time to post useful content and be sure to react to their comments. Consider commenting on other accounts, too. To create even more engagement, think about holding a competition where likes, comments, and shares are rewarded.

4. Encourage positive testimonials

Research by BrightLocal revealed that 88% of consumers depend on online reviews just as much as individual suggestions. Ask a few of your happy customers to add their experience with your company or product. These will not only make your business more visible, but will up your reputation in the industry. Be aware that bad reviews are unavoidable. Do your research on Google and social media channels to see what people are saying about your company. Make sure to deal with these unfavorable comments quickly so your reputation isn’t hurt.

5. Get in local directories

Another way to boost your brand recognition is getting listed in local directories. This will also help your online search ranking. Google My Business is the best place to get your company listed. It’s free, and lets you include your hours, contact information, and your locations. You could also include your logo and pictures of your services and products. It also includes Google Maps, letting leads find you quickly. Other online directories include Citysearch, Merchant Circle, and Yelp. You can search listings by neighborhood and industry.

6. Integrate video content

HubSpot says that 93% of all communication is made up of visual content. This means that individuals are more likely to engage with your brand from a video that text. Create an “About Us” video to let viewers know what you do and the services you provide. Put the video on your homepage, and all your social accounts. “How-to” videos are another great way to increase your brand name recognition.

7. Fill your content with branded keywords

Consistently input your brand name into your content to increase recognition. You can do this in blogs, infographics, videos, photos captions, and e-newsletters. Use well-known hashtags in your social media posts. This will boost your search engine position and make your brand more noticeable on social media.

The last word

Enhancing the brand name recognition is vital to remaining competitive and growing your business. You want your leads to know how you stand out from the rest of the pack, and to trust your company. Therefore, you need a strategic marketing method, resources, and tools to help boost your clinical administration and backend software firm’s brand name recognition.

But all this can be hard to do alone. Responsify works with clinical administration and backend software marketing experts to offer strategy, support, and help in getting it all done to increase brand name recognition.

If you want an assessment of your business’s brand name recognition, we are here to assist! Do not hesitate to ask for a totally free strategy session to help assess your current strategies and get some advice on how to take your plan to the next level!

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