Clinical Administration Software Lead Gen Tips to Identify Your Site Visitors

Do you want to know who is looking at your clinical administration and backend software site? If you know who they are, you can identify them as a qualified potential customer, and then your sales team can engage with them, and hopefully make the sale. Right? You aren’t the only one who is wondering who is visiting your site. In fact, most clinical administration and backend software marketing professionals want to know the same thing.

While devices like Google Analytics can give you the number of individuals looking at your clinical administration and backend software website, it won’t give you their identities or IP addresses. Google does this to secure the personal privacy of their site visitors, but it’s not too helpful for marketing experts using the tool. Luckily, there are a number of other tools that you could utilize to find out more about your site visitors, like how they found your site, and which pages they visit.

These tools can be used in conjunction with techniques to lead your visitors to give personal information on your site (and we mean more than just contact information and demo links).

Whether your target market consists of C-Level Executives or Directors in practices, clinics, hospitals, or health systems, having the ability to check their activity early in the sales cycle will help you produce better leads and close a lot more sales.

Here are a few of the clinical administration software lead gen strategies and devices you could use to find out who is looking at your clinical administration and backend software website:

The Techniques

To start, consider these four questions:

  1. What is your clinical administration and backend software firm’s website size, scope, and visibility?
  2. Is it engaging?
  3. Do you have enough content to draw-in new visitors?
  4. Do you offer rewards or incentives for people to take action?

You want to identify what you need to offer and what the value is to your potential clients. By developing strategic content to entice ideal customers, and offering tempting calls-to-action (like downloading e-books, Reports, How-to Guides, Calculators, Etc.) you are establishing a process to get their contact information and what they are looking for on your firm’s website.

This method is called Inbound Marketing. Before you even start using tools to help you out, you need an Inbound Strategy, filled with content to engage your site visitors, so you can turn them into qualified leads.

If you have good content, with the best SEO, and are using effective tools, you can obtain the information you need from site visitors and qualify them for your sales group.

So, onto the tools!

The Tools


Hubspot is one of the most effective and robust tools out there for marketers. Hubspot Marketing Free is a fantastic device that will help you discover more about your leads before they even start filling out a form. Hubspot’s Prospects Tool permits online marketers to see the IP and company of new visitors. They have functions that likewise enable you to record individual details by promptly informing you when a visitor shares their email, to immediately recognize that they are, where they originated from, what web pages they went to on your site, and also where they work. This will help you follow-up quickly. You can also identify which content is producing the most traffic, and place more focus on those. If the visitor comes back to the site, the monitoring will pick up where it left off. This will help you better understand exactly what the customer wants.


Kickfire makes use of exclusive recognition technology to determine businesses that are seeing your website. You will get extensive details concerning the firm, permitting you to connect with potential customers early in the buyer’s journey. Kickfire enables you to keep an eye on site visitors by their username, email address, earnings, market, or other special identifiers. This device includes a lead tracking system that allows you to determine extremely qualified leads.


Leadfeeder is an internet application that helps you keep an eye on the tasks of leads on your site. You could incorporate it with preferred CRMs such as Zoho, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. When linked, Leadfeeder will provide information to your CRM revealing exactly what your leads are doing on your site. Leadfeeder could additionally be integrated with Google Analytics to expose the identifications of individuals that are seeing your website. Among the very best aspects of this application is its automated coverage capacity. Your leads’ check out information will be sent out immediately to your email inbox and also CRM. This means you will always have the information you need. Leadfeeder also has a lead tracking system that permits you to recognize qualified leads.

IP monitoring devices

Anytime a prospect looks through your website, their IP address is recorded on your internet server. The IP address could disclose a great deal of info. As an example, you could utilize IP2Location to figure out the location of the visitor’s web access. You could utilize IP Checking and also Who Is to perform a ‘whois’ search to see the owner of the IP address. If your site gets various site visitors from the exact same business, each will be tracked independently by time as well as date.

These IP lookup remedies are not error-proof, though. Your website site visitors could utilize common web solutions to camouflage their identification. Fortunately, the majority of CRMs have functions that enable you to filter your outcomes.

Since you’ve determined your website visitors, let’s talk about the best ways to follow-up with leads.

The Follow-up

Once you have recognized your site visitors, you need to keep them engaged with quality content, contact them to see what they liked about the content, give them more resources, or send out a Lead Nurturing Email. Here is an example of a message your sales group might utilize when engaging a prospect:

“Hello [Name],

I saw that you downloaded and installed [Premium content name].

Was it helpful for you?

I thought you might also enjoy this:

[Title of a Helpful and Related Blog Post]

I’d be happy to connect to share any other information or resources to help you out.

Would you like to go over [Associated Topic] on a fast phone call?”

A lot of leads will be happily stunned that you knew they looked at your site and will agree to further discussion.

The Bottom Line

Both significant takeaways from this article both start with the letter “T”. Carrying out the most effective Technique like Inbound Marketing to offer new people incentives to find your site, in addition to using the best tools to transform your leads, will help you bring in and attract your ideal customers. This will increase your clinical administration software lead gen.

But it can be hard to do this alone. Responsify helps clinical administration and backend software marketing experts with strategy, support, and aid in carrying out these tasks. By collaborating, we help marketing experts tactically bring in brand-new website visitors and convert them to qualified leads and delighted consumers.

We’ve worked with lots of marketing pros to help them include the Inbound Marketing Methodology right into their existing marketing mix.

If you want to review methods in order to help your clinical administration and backend software firm identify even more site visitors to create qualified leads, don’t hesitate to ask for a free strategy session. We’re delighted to help you examine your strategies and offer free advice to increase your success.

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