6 Clinical Administration Software Growth Hacks to Scale Your Company

Has your Clinical Administration and Backend software organization been stuck in the same place for a long time? If so, it might be time to start taking your sales to the next level.

Maybe you haven’t heard of “growth hacking” yet, but it’s a brand new collection of methods that can help companies grow and get a competitive advantage. These growth hacks will help your B2B Clinical Administration and Backend software firm. One set of clinical administration software growth hacks includes identifying your ideal customers and developing content that will send them on their way to buying. This can be your reality. This technique is called Inbound Marketing and Sales.

Inbound marketing and sales have proven to be effective in scaling organizations. According to a recent study by Hubspot, 59% of marketing experts reported that Inbound marketing produced better leads than standard marketing, and 61% less expensive compared to outbound sales. This suggests that typical marketing and sales like paid marketing, cold-calls, ads, trade shows, and purchased email lists are starting to be less effective for scaling sales.

Below are some great clinical administration software growth hacks for scaling your Clinical Administration and Backend software firm making use of the Inbound Methodology:

Determine your ideal customers

One of the best ways to scaling your company is to identify your ideal customers. Finding out who you are targeting will help you customize content just for them. When building the qualities of a suitable customer, frequently described as the “buyer persona,” consider their work duties, their objectives, their obstacles, and their buying processes. You can get this information by checking out relevant discussion forums or researching your target market. You can also call existing clients that fit that persona. When you have collected all this information, you can give them names like “Medical Director Doris” or “Clinician Clement.”

Produce targeted content

Take time to release content on a regular basis that covers the typical issues and concerns raised by your buyer personas. Text-based content like blogs, case studies, whitepapers, and ebooks are great ways to offer information. Engaging titles with relevant search phrases that optimize your content for online search engines will get the focus of your target market. Be sure your content writing team doesn’t use too much Clinical Administration and Backend software lingo which will confuse your readers. According to Hubspot, “Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.” For that reason, your content strategy needs to contain visual content, like infographics and videos along with the text.

Nurture your leads

Getting leads is not enough to scale your Clinical Administration and Backend software company. You need to nurture your leads according to the four phases of the buyer’s journey: attract, convert, close, and delight. As soon as your prospect gives you their contact info, they become a lead. Build a strategy to nurture these leads with your marketing and sales teams that will include sending them valuable emails. Once the lead makes a buying decision and the deal is closed, continue to engage them with great content. Build strong connections with your customers and they will become evangelists of your brand name. They will want to share your content with fans, drawing in more leads to your site.

Automate your procedures

It will be harder to engage your customers on an individual basis as your business grows. To save you time, it’s a good idea to change from manual operations to automated systems. You can use marketing automation software to collect contact information and send out personalized emails to your leads. These emails can be sent out as soon as these leads give their contact information on your website. These emails will help nurture your leads until they become customers.

Use online reviews

According to research by Search Engine Land, 72% of customers count on online reviews as much as they do recommendations from their peers. If you add favorable reviews to the internet, it can help as a strategy to grow your business. These reviews can be case studies demonstrating how your Clinical Administration and Backend software business helped your consumers fix their struggles and overcome barriers. Reference data that will help illustrate what you’ve accomplished. For instance, you could point out that your customer reduced their acquisition rate by 50% in three months. You could also develop a specialized testimonial page on your site with short testimonials from various clients. Make sure to include the names of the people and their company along with their picture to make sure your audience knows they are legit.

Make use of LinkedIn

Social Media Examiner found that 89% of B2B marketing experts use LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to develop brand name recognition, create leads, and develop connections. The first step is to make a business page that has your contact and business information. Enhance your page using keywords, making it easier for people to find you online. Include links to your website. Spend time releasing great content on your feed to keep followers engaged. Your content must be used to show that you are a thought and business leader in the field. This will help develop trust among your followers and will improve possibilities of turning your leads into buyers. You can also consider using paid advertising and marketing to guarantee that your content shows up on feeds of the leads you are targeting. LinkedIn Company Page Analytics can help you track your content.

The final word

Scaling your Clinical Administration and Backend software firm won’t happen overnight, but using the appropriate strategies will greatly enhance your ROI and customer base. The Inbound Methodology is a great collection of methods that will help you meet your goals.

It can be tough for even the most effective marketing and sales groups to do all of this alone. We’ve worked with lots of Management Directors and CEOs to grow their services making use of the Inbound Methodology. Don’t hesitate to book a complimentary strategy session to help you evaluate your current plans, and get recommendations on how to scale your B2B Clinical Administration and Backend software organization. We’re here to help!

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