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What to Know Before Hiring a CleanTech Content Writer

So, you have come to understand that your customers need content. We need to offer the people exactly what they desire, however, somebody has to write it first. Who do I work with? What does it cost? does it cost? How well do they have to know clean energy? These questions have been swirling around in your head for rather a long time, and it’s about time they stopped. Do not let these concerns eat away at you any longer. We have everything you have to understand about
finding and working with a cleantech content writer.

Happy hunting!



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How Much Do They Cost?

Let’s attend to the screeching elephant in the space from the beginning. Content writing isn’t the world’s latest art type, however, it has yet to be completely standardized in terms of rate.

Here’s what you can expect:

    • Lots of authors choose to be paid based on word count. In basic, this ranges from 5 cents to 30 cents per word.
    • If your typical post is around 600 words, a well researched/written post will cost anywhere from $100 to $180 per post. Assuming you publish 10 posts a month, your expenditures will be in between $1000. and $1,800.
    • Be mindful that these price quotes are for the creation of the content alone. You’ll need an editor, a designer/developer, online search engine optimizer, and a content strategist to guide the ship.



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How Will I Know if They’re a Good Fit?

This process can be just as confusing and deceptive as dating. The most obvious place to start is with a content sample, however, like a profile photo, things might not always be exactly what they appear.

Beware of the following guidelines when examining a content author:

      • If possible, ask their recommendations exactly what the author’s initial draft looks like. Some authors can have an excellent end product, however, in many cases, the credit must really be offered to an editor that guided them through a series of revisions. You may wish to make certain that your CleanTech content writer can produce quickly enough to satisfy your needs. If a writer consistently churns out first drafts that have to be greatly retouched, it’s a warning.
      • Have they written on a range of topics? In a perfect world, the Cleantech content writer would be highly concentrated on your market, however, that isn’t realistically possible. Try to find an author that has a proven performance history of being a skilled researcher.
      • Gauge their interest. An author who is genuinely engaged with your business’s mission is going to produce more reliable material. They’re also most likely to turn into a long-term partner.



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How Do I Hold Onto My Writers?

Everyone needs some positive support. Material authors appreciate a pat on the back (figuratively speaking) as much as any person.

Revealing your appreciation isn’t really so much in exactly what you state, but what you do:

      • Provide your cleantech content writers the opportunity to grow with strong material concepts that challenge them.
      • You’ll also need to nail down a unified style and tone. An author cannot offer you their best if they do not know what you want. With no consistency, your material will seem disjointed and your authors may begin to look in other places due to disappointment.



The Bottom Line

At this moment, you have a pretty good grasp on what to look out for when working with content and blog writers. Ready to breathe a sigh of relief? No? We didn’t think so.

Content that attracts visitors and assists in converting them into qualified leads isn’t just a matter of creative wordplay. It takes style, search engine awareness, technical savvy, and above all, method. In other words, content production is a team sport.

Alternatively, you can deal with a content supplier (like ourselves) to produce the content strategy, content, optimization, and design that will resonate with your potential customers.


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