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How Business Tech Leaders use Inbound to Scale Their Growth

Scaling a B2B technology company is no easy job for business tech leaders. You need the right people to develop your product, market it, and sell it. Then, you need the right process to help the company find lasting success. Once business tech leaders play out the traditional strategies of getting new clients with referrals, self-promotion emails, and so on, they need to bring in a new and sustainable method to grow. Offering services to people in clinics, hospitals, or health systems is no different.

There is a new process of bringing in ideal customers called “Inbound” marketing and sales (or “smarketing”).

An increasing number of companies in a variety of industries are starting to integrate Inbound as a part of the overall marketing and sales process. According to a current State of Inbound Report by Hubspot, business tech leaders are three times more likely to see higher return on investment when using Inbound methods over traditional marketing and sales techniques. Inbound strategies have many benefits, like:

  • Helps boost name recognition
  • Costs less than traditional marketing like ads, cold-calls, exhibitions, etc
  • Allows you to build strong connections with clients by giving them information and resources on certain topics
  • Creates high-quality web traffic and leads
  • Builds trust with leads

Here are four B2B companies that scaled their development by applying the Inbound Methodology:


Flex-a-Seal is a company that makes and manufactures mechanical seals for commercial pumps.

When the business tech leaders of Flex-A-Seal found that they weren’t getting enough web traffic, they partnered with an Inbound company to experiment with different methods of marketing. The company overhauled the website and enhanced it for online search engine optimization with the right keyword phrases. The website then ranked first in search results pages for targeted keywords and organic web traffic was boosted by more than 95%. The Inbound company also produced free tip sheets that visitors to Flex-a-Seal’s website can download in return for their contact information. This strategy created more than 50 qualified leads in four months.

Flex-a-Seal also had a warehouse in Brazil and wanted to improve its sales in the South American market. The inbound firm developed, a microsite targeted at Spanish speakers. This created more leads throughout different Latin American nations and grew Flex-a-Seal’s sales by 40%.

Besides concentrating on their website, Flex-A-Seal wanted to produce more leads using social media. The Inbound company produced a LinkedIn business page to engaged skilled decision makers and staff in the industry. Because of this, Flex-A-Seal boosted their LinkedIn followers by 800% and developed themselves as an authority in the sealing market.

Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a leading producer of oil and gas additives.

At first, the company didn’t have a website that would help bring in new leads. Since the business tech leaders wanted to produce more brand name recognition, their first step was to develop a specialist website. To start this, Bell Performance looked for solutions from an Inbound company. The company first helped Bell Performance identify their buyer personas and develop a customized website with content that targeted their ideal buyers. The first step boosted their organic web traffic by 700% in one year.

The Inbound company also developed landing pages with the ability to collect site visitors’ contact information. Various offers were advertised via social media and email marketing to bring prospects to these pages. This cause a rise in the company’s lead generation by 1400% in just two years.

By using Inbound strategies, Bell Performance had the chance to close 600 new online sales in the first year. In the second year, online sales increased by 80%.

HUI Manufacturing

HUI Manufacturing is a company that focuses on sheet steel construction of medical carts and commercial products.

The company had originally used pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and marketing to produce leads and wanted new strategies to bring in organic web traffic. They also asked an Inbound company for help. The company helped HUI Manufacturing develop the Medical Carts blog and created a 6-month content calendar with blogs to meet each person’s needs. They also developed long-form content like rip sheets, ebooks, and overviews that required customers to give their contact information before receiving. This content was mostly advertised in LinkedIn groups.

The efforts resulted in a 68% boost in organic web traffic and 115% boost in website traffic from LinkedIn alone. Website lead conversions also improved by 150%. In the first eleven months, the overall new sales created through inbound lead to greater than two million dollars in new revenue.

Corrugated Metals

Corrugated Metals is a company that uses steel corrugating products or services for the protection, transportation, tools, and construction industries.

This company struggled to bring in quality leads and improve their sales revenues. To combat this, they decided to employ an Inbound firm to help them accomplish their goals. The first step was to revamp their company website and build a responsive layout that displayed well on mobile and desktop. Then, they produced blog content on topics like “energy efficient building materials” to bring in organic web traffic with search phrases enhanced for online search. This content was advertised on their social media networks and brought more people to the Corrugated Metals’ site.

With these marketing efforts, Corrugated Metals saw a 198% rise in web traffic and a 285% bump in leads.

The final word

The world is changing fast and it’s important that every part of your company keeps up to meet the needs of your clients. Today’s buyers don’t want traditional and generic content, but they do value informational content created using “Inbound” strategies. It’s time to place your potential customers first and your business last so you can get the attention of your prospects and increase your earnings.

As Inbound experts, Responsify has helped many marketing pros and sales teams integrate Inbound into their lead creating and nurturing process. Don’t hesitate to book your free strategy session now. We can help you assess your methods and find new ways to help scale your B2B tech business.

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