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Best Business Energy Lead Generation Strategy to Close 2x More Deals

Every CleanTech sales associate intends to surpass their sales quotas and increase their sales velocity. As you most likely recognize, this level of success does not come immediately. Closing more clients requires the use of particular strategies and out-of-the-box tactics.

In this rapid-paced, technology-driven world with more and more accessibility to data each day (many thanks to Google), an effective sales strategy depends on exactly how well it follows the buyer’s process of acquiring. This means providing ideal types of instructional content at the correct time.

Below are a few of the sales strategy tips to help you gain even more sales for your CleanTech business:

Know your Buyer’s Journey

Once again, it cannot be highlighted anymore that this, among the very best methods to raise your closing percentages is to sell to your leads at the right time, and with the right techniques. To do that, you need to recognize where in the Buyer’s Journey your leads are, as well as approach them strategically. The 3 phases of the Buyer’s Journey and your optimal strategy for each stage is described below:

  • Awareness Stage: In this phase, your leads are aiming to recognize the exact troubles and obstacles they’re experiencing. They could have just recently enrolled in your eNewsletter, or signed up to get excellent content with information regarding the challenges they’ve run into. Your focus in this phase is to connect with these brand-new leads, determine their issues, and establish them as qualified leads. With the limited time you have, you should concentrate on potential customers whose difficulties your CleanTech business could serve, and get rid of the leads who are merely not interested. After that, you should consistently speak with these qualified leads as well as enlighten them with information on the troubles they’re facing, utilizing the exciting content you’ve hand-crafted specifically for this purpose.
  • Consideration Stage: In this stage, your ideal leads have determined their troubles, and are looking for potential services. It’s vital to keep in mind that customers in this phase are not looking for specific services or products to conquer their obstacles. Instead, they’re reviewing various groups of possible services and comparing the details of each solution they intend to carry out. At this phase, you will know exactly who these leads are because they’re the ones who have been very energetic on their Buyer’s Journey. They’ve shown this by taking trackable actions online, such as opening up lead nurturing emails, or downloading exclusive content from your site that has been tagged and associated with the Consideration phase. You’re most likely striking up exploratory discussions with the leads to acquire further understanding of their objectives, obstacles, as well as the services they’re determining. With the knowledge you get from these discussions, you could recommend your potential customers with resources they cannot get anywhere online, all the while structuring yourself as a go-to expert with them.
  • Decision Stage: This is the phase, your potential customers have determined their optimum short-list of services. They are currently investigating which CleanTech solutions they want to go with based off what they’ve uncovered. This phase is where you too could discover and learn more about their distinct difficulties as you craft discussion points to demonstrate how your service or products will assist them. Be cautious however, your leads typically aren’t there to discover the high-level advantages your firm gives them; they’ve already done their analysis of that online and through discussions with you. Instead, make your methods more individualized, highlighting some factors your leads find valuable, as well as showing them exactly how your CleanTech options are much better and more tailored to their needs compared to your rivals’.

Complete understanding of your perfect prospect’s Buyer’s Journey is vital for preparing individualized, customer-centered strategies for each of your potential customers

Concentrate on being the viable option

Determining the Buyer’s Journey could assist you in focusing on the specific kinds of buyers you want to target. Detailing their key aspects such as their usual obstacles, functions, and objectives are essential to preparing exactly how you will communicate your services to them. This process of sorting your buyer accounts is called Buyer Personas.

Currently, Buyer Persona, ‘Private Practitioner Peter’, is considering acquiring a practice management software application. Your persona’s major concerns are to conserve time, be reliable, and become more standardized. It would not matter much whether your software application has an eye-catching user interface or wonderful font styles. Consequently, when crafting your sales product, post, or infographics, do not invest too much time discussing the attributes of your product and services. Rather, consider your prospect’s issues and how your service can resolve it. Think about crafting your content based upon your customer, so that the customer can continue to learn more about you and vice versa.

Producing evergreen content based upon traditional prospect challenges and frustrations will aid you to become a useful source to your key personas. Routinely establishing blog articles, infographics, ebooks, etc, will establish trust as well as offer you even more methods to connect and engage with them.

Send out lead nurturing emails

You recognize that it’s essential to maintain engaged leads. Whether they’ve just entered their information on your site, or have been on your contact listing for some time. To properly engage your leads, you should be sending out personalized lead nurturing emails that are explicitly for each of your Buyer Personas. These emails share content, such as appropriate blog articles or useful video clips that your leads might find to be a helpful reference. It’s vital that you create engaging subject lines that will capture their interest as well as create a draw for them to be active with your resources.

Utilize case studies

Regardless of your successful track record, many leads will still desire proof that you can deliver on all of your guarantees. Case studies are an excellent method of verifying the ROI your services or product could offer your prospective buyers. Demonstrate how your CleanTech solutions assisted a similar firm in your prospect’s sector to accomplish successful outcomes. As soon as you win your potential customers’ trust, the sale will be a piece of cake.

Stick with your prices

A lot of leads are not worried when it comes to the costs of your product and services. Their biggest concern however, is the value you offer as well as the results you can get them. If you choose to reduce your costs, potential customers could quit taking you seriously. For that reason, stay with your costs rates and also validate that your CleanTech services are undoubtedly beneficial. This is specifically vital when you are marketing premium services that include a substantial financial investment from your prospect.

Meet the decision makers in person

You’ve discovered how leveraging content, tactically emailing, and making considerate calls are key strategies for landing prospective new clients. Nevertheless, think about making an initiative to meet with them face to face in addition to your telephone calls and emails. This will help you develop individual connections with your leads and enhance your opportunity of landing the contract. If you have to drive for a couple of hours, hop on a train, plan a trip, or take a bus, do want you can to secure your ideal in-person conference with the critical decision makers.

The final word

For quite some time, sales associates had been the only resource of information that potential customers had for making their purchasing choices. In this day and age, there’s not a solitary item that can’t be discovered online with a quick search. This is where the Inbound Sales Methodology comes into play. As we discussed, an Inbound sales representative not only offers helpful details to potential customers, but also gets in touch with them directly and can recommend personal solutions to their challenges.

It could be challenging to do all this alone. We at Responsify collaborate with CleanTech sales and business development professionals to offer strategy, support, and implementation. By collaborating together, we can assist in tactically bringing in brand-new website visitors, converting them into qualified leads, and finally pleased customers.

If you would like to learn more about creating the right strategy for creating 2x more deal, feel free to reach out to and schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session today!

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