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Building a Championship Blog Inbound Marketing Team

We can all agree that there’s a big difference between singing well and simply being able to carry a tune. Building a team isn’t just finding people who can fulfill the basic functions. You have to put the right pieces together so that they can work in harmony.

If you’re a new arrival to the world of Inbound Marketing, you might not know what the “right pieces” are. Don’t sweat it. That’s why you have us and this article.

So, let’s put together a championship blog inbound marketing team! Here are the players:



The Inbound Certified Content Strategist

Blog Inbound Marketing This is the brain behind the your content/Inbound operation. They manage all of the moving pieces, and are responsible for steering the campaign down the right course. In essence, the Content Strategist has the vision of an entrepreneur, the creativity of an artist, and the strategic heart of a marketer. The job functions a little something like this:

  • Devises a Content Strategy based on unique Buyer Personas and their Buyer Journeys. This strategy ties together blog posts, premium content offers, social media, and email marketing.
  • Establishes milestones. For example, the desired number of unique visitors, qualified leads, social media shares, and so on.
  • Keeps track of the campaign’s progress and determines which areas need improvement.
  • Makes sure that all team members have a shared understanding of the campaign’s goal and direction.



The Inbound Savvy Content Writer/Editor

Blog Inbound Marketing Your blog will need its own signature style. Maintaining a consistent tone and level of quality can be a challenge, so you need a staff writer that knows your business from A-Z.Now, there are limits to what one writer can do. Sooner or later, your main scribe is going to need some reinforcements. Naturally, you’ll have some reservations about hiring freelancers, but your Content Writer will keep everyone on point. At this stage of the game, the Content Writer can play Editor-in-Chief to assure that materials meet brand standards.


The SEO Wiz

Blog Inbound Marketing Research is at the core of any sound strategy. SEO tells you what your market is looking for , when they look for it, and how their interests are changing. Keywords don’t lie, so it’s good to listen. Your SEO Wiz is the key to unlocking the gates to search engines like Google and Bing. These days, consumers do most of their research online before they make a purchase. The search engines are a great place to reel them in. Use them to your full advantage.


The Designer

Blog Inbound Marketing It would be nice if you could find someone who’s equal parts designer and developer. They’re out there, but there aren’t many.It’s not unusual for designers to have a rudimentary understanding of HTML, but advanced coding tends to be beyond their skill set. If you think that a developer can double as a designer, think again. While they have coding down to an art, most will not have an eye for design.

A designer’s value is in their ability to create an aesthetic that appeals to a specific audience. This isn’t only about selecting a few pretty pictures, even though photos are important. Your site’s layout and color palette also shape the user’s experience. They have to be given special attention and care.

Appearances aren’t everything, but the internet can be shallow place. Always dress to impress.


The Developer

Blog Inbound Marketing We meant it when we said appearance isn’t everything. Your site has to function like a high-performing sports car. Slow load times and an unresponsive (non-mobile-friendly) design are web traffic repellents.The right developer will give your blog the optimization that will bring your content to life. With a consumer-centric approach, the best developers are keenly aware that they have to construct a site with the end user in mind. At the end of the day, they’re building a platform for communication more than anything.

If your blog looks amazing, is a joy to navigate, and has the quality content to boot, your visitors will keep coming back for more.


The Bottom Line

A Blog Inbound Marketing team can help you generate web traffic and new leads. There is one condition, though: You have to choose the perfect combination. An internal team might be the way to go for some, but if you don’t have the resources, an outside agency is always an option.

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