Best Remote Care Monitoring Sales Strategy to Close 2x More Deals

Every remote monitoring and family care management salesperson wants to meet (and surpass!) their sales goals, and also increase their ability to close even more sales. However, as you surely know, this doesn’t just happen. Closing more sales requires strategies and out-of-the-box thinking. In this fast-moving world with information more readily available than ever before (thanks to Google), the best remote care monitoring sales strategy relies on how well its connected to the buyer’s journey, timing, and access to relevant information.

Here is the best remote care monitoring sales strategy to help you close even more sales for your remote monitoring and family care management business:

Recognize your Buyer’s Journey

It cannot be stressed enough: one of the best ways to boost your closing rate is to sell in a way your prospects prefer. In order to do that, you need to know where in the Buyer’s Journey your leads are, and approach them as necessary. The three phases of the buyer’s journey and a good strategy for each phase are:

  • Awareness Phase: In this phase, your leads are starting to recognize some issues or difficulties they’re experiencing. They might have registered for your e-newsletter or given their contact information to get premium content with information pertaining to their issues. Your work at this phase is to connect with these brand-new leads, identify their troubles, and establish who are qualified leads. Since your time is limited, focus on the leads whose difficulties your remote monitoring and family care management business’s options can help. Don’t focus on those who can’t be helped or who aren’t interested. Keep in regular contact with them and give them information to help solve their problems.
  • Consideration Phase: Your leads in the Consideration Phase have recognized their troubles and are looking for remedies. It’s crucial to keep in mind that potential customers in this phase are not looking for a particular service or products to fix their problems. Instead, they’re looking for various options of possible services and trying to make a decision on which is best. At this phase, you’re connecting with leads who are actively participating in the buyer’s journey. They have demonstrated this by taking trackable action online, such as opening up Lead Nurturing Emails or downloading premium content from your site that connects to subjects associated with Consideration phase. You are setting up conversations with them to get more information and details on their goals, obstacles, and solutions to the troubles they have encountered. With the information you get from these conversations, you can recommend and give special resources to your leads that they wouldn’t be able to find online on their own.
  • Decision Stage: This is the phase in the buyer’s journey where your leads are done thinking through all their options. They are investigating which remote monitoring and family care management options will work best. This phase is where you could discover and learn more about their special difficulties and challenges and then craft presentations to demonstrate how your product and services will assist them. Your potential customers typically aren’t there to find out about the basic advantages your business gives them; they’ve done their research regarding that online. Make your strategy customized, highlighting factors your potential customers might find intriguing and showing just how your remote monitoring and family care management firm’s remedies are far better compared to those of your competition.

Complete understanding of your perfect prospect’s Buyer’s Journey is critical for providing individualized, customer-centered methods for all of your potential customers in a manner that they will feel both customized and unique.

Concentrate on being the solution

Better understanding the Buyer’s Journey could help you narrow down your ideal buyers. Knowing the key differences in their typical obstacles, duties, and objectives are very important to figure out just how you will communicate your service to them. This information is called the Buyer Persona.

For instance, let’s say that Buyer Persona “Private Practitioner Peter” is considering acquiring practice management software program. Your persona’s primary concerns are more than likely to conserve time, be more effective, and more organized. Therefore, it wouldn’t really matter if your software program has an eye-catching user interface or pretty fonts. So, when crafting your sales content, don’t spend too much time talking about the functions of the service or product. Instead, think of your prospect’s issues and how your service could resolve them. Craft your content around that. Consider marketing from top to bottom, from the customer to the service, rather than the reverse.

Developing evergreen content based upon common struggles will help you be a leading source of information for your buyer personas. Consistently creating blog posts, infographics, ebooks, etc. will help build trust and will provide you with even more ways to connect with your leads.

Send lead nurturing emails

You know how important it is to keep your leads engaged, whether they just gave you their contact information or you have had initial conversations. To engage your leads, you could send out Lead Nurturing Emails that are specifically tailored for each of your Buyer Personas. These emails are content-focused, including informative blogs or videos that your leads might find helpful. It’s essential that you write engaging subject lines that will entice the reader to open and include calls-to-action that will make them want to learn more.

Take advantage of case studies

Despite all the information you give, some leads will still want more proof that you can meet their needs. Case studies are a terrific method of verifying the return on investment (ROI) that your services or product can give to prospective buyers. Demonstrate how your remote monitoring and family care management business’s remedies assisted a business in your prospect’s market. As soon as you win in your potential customers’ mind, the sale will end up being a piece of cake.

Don’t change your premium pricing

Many leads are not actually worried about the costs of your products are services. What they really want to know is the value you can offer and the results that you can provide. If you reduce your costs, potential customers might not take you seriously. Maintain your premium costs rates to signify that your product or service works. This is particularly vital when you are marketing premium remedies that require a substantial financial investment from your prospect.

Meet decision makers in person

You know that leveraging content, strategically emailing, and making helpful calls are all important parts of the process. However, be sure to place a priority on meeting with clients face to face, in addition to all the other types of contact. This will increase your potential to close sales. Even if you have to travel a bit to meet this person, do your best to make it happen.

The Bottom Line

For a long time, salespeople were the source of information for clients looking for answers. Now, potential leads can take to the internet to find out pretty much all they need to know. This is where Inbound Sales Methodology is helpful. As we have laid out, an Inbound sales representative not only supplies valuable info for a lead’s needs, but also stays in touch with them to provide resources on a personal level.

But, it could be hard to do this all alone. We at Responsify work with remote monitoring and family care management sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and aid in applying these tasks. By collaborating we help marketing and sales people purposefully draw in new website visitors and convert them to qualified leads and satisfied consumers.

We’ve helped lots of sales pros include Inbound right into their existing detailed sales procedures. Don’t hesitate to schedule your cost-free strategy session to help you assess your sales process and take it to the next level!

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