Best Growth Marketing Strategies for Series A or B Funded Startups (B2B)

Are you part of a B2B startup that secured a round of Series A funding and are looking to gain traction in the market to get to the next round of funding and grow your company? Or are you in a B2B startup that received Series B funding and have to scale your marketing to increase sales? Either way, you’ll have to earn the love of potential customers. In this post we will explore the best growth marketing strategies for Series A or B funded startups to help you hit the ground running.



Inbound Marketing Growth Strategy

As you likely already know, Inbound Marketing is a new method that’s about being a resource to prospects and in turn generating organic leads. For a startup, nothing is more important than capturing the early adopters of a product/service. Creating the content for your ideal buyers (personas) is the key to leveraging this methodology successfully. Here are the basic tactics:

Blogging or Offering Videos (be found, get new visitors to website)
With the right strategy in place, blogging and video production enables startups to own real estate on Google or YouTube searches. When your helpful articles show up while prospects are searching online, you can drive traffic to your startup’s website organically. Be sure not to create content that is company- or product/service-focused.

Offering Premium Content (convert visitors to interested leads)
As you build a steady amount of website traffic, you’ll want to give your viewers the opportunity to get further-informed. Materials like helpful eBooks, Guides, Worksheets, Tip sheets and other resources allow users to get additional help in exchange for their email and other information along the way. This gives a startup marketer the ability to identify qualified leads for sales to handle appropriately.

Conducting Webinars (educate prospects further, interactively)
Another way of helping turn prospects into believers of your startup’s product or service is conducting webinars. Giving your prospects interactive presentations and discussing what is important to them builds trust and helps you to be a thought leader. People who feel comfortable with a brand are more likely to buy.



Outbound Marketing Growth Strategy

Generally speaking, modern day consumers don’t like to be pandered to. The history of Outbound Marketing is known for being interruptive. That being said, if your startup utilizes Outbound methods with an Inbound mindset, you can win big. The following outbound strategies and methods can help your startup to gain traction after or alongside getting your Inbound Marketing in motion.

Lead Nurturing (Email Automation with love)
Emailing thousands of people the right message with the right graphics has proven to be ineffective in general. Instead of blasting out emails based on offers and deals or the latest features or services offered, proffer out helpful content your ideal prospects. Emails should promote the great customer-centered blog posts and free resources that you’ve developed. Be targeted and laser-focused on your potential customer’s needs and wants. Also, be sure not to email too frequently. Once a week is non-obtrusive to most people. This tactic helps keep people engaged with your brand and moving along the buyer’s journey toward becoming a loyal customer.

PPC (Pay-per-click)
Online search ads on search engines like Google have become increasingly expensive. Keywords in your market may rocket out of a startup’s marketing budget quickly. Also, paying for a click to get to your website is only helpful if you have content to keep users engaged, and can convert them into a lead. A small percentage of people who click on your ad actually convert to customers. This equates to a very low ROI. Creative startups utilize Inbound Marketing more often to get cost-effective search engine exposure, and use PPC carefully to help close only people ready to buy.



The Bottom Line

The most effective growth marketing strategies for recently funding startups (Series A or B) include a combination of Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing. Start with Inbound Marketing to build your new customer base over time, and utilize targeted Outbound strategies to capture the small percentage of “Decision stage” buyers.

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