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Best Education Technology Website Examples to Learn From

We spend a lot of time using websites to understand what makes great User Experiences. As huge supporters of the education technology revolution here at Responsify, we thought it would be helpful to share the best education technology website examples we’ve come across in this article.

Here are 3 best education technology website examples in EdTech we learned a lot from and want to share with you:

EDPuzzle website

EDpuzzle is a tool that allows you to edit educational videos by adding quizzes to assess the student’s understanding. Presenting this kind of tool is always better with a demo, and that’s what they delivered. You can start an interactive demo that shows how teachers can trim a video, add questions and track responses. And this works in their mobile site!

When navigating the website, the user can contact EDpuzzle for more information. Remember you are working with educational professionals or parents. So they may first be skeptical about the positive impact your technology will have.


Think Through Math website


Big History Project
Many Ed Tech products or services are about finding ways of catching the student interest and delivering educational content. Videos and images are good ways of communicating these features. You don’t want these dynamic features to disappear as soon as you opened the site on your smartphone. And the Big History Project understands that. This is why their content remains attractive in any format.

When you click on “Get Started”, you are redirected to an educational section organized in chapters and that is as clear on a laptop as it is on a phone. It allows you to access interesting content about the history of the universe wherever you are.

Remember a responsive website is only another way of proving your quality to potential customers. So, could your website be on this list? Perhaps it’s time for a little makeover to ensure you don’t lose your target audience.

We hope you learn a thing or two from these best education technology website examples and implement into your website strategy and design. If you’d like, you can read more about how we Generate 10-25% More Leads for EdTech brands in this post.


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