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Best B2B Marketing Strategies to Connect with EdTech Clients

The hard sell is becoming a thing of the past, at least on the internet. People are bombarded by an endless stream of ads, and they’ve learned to tune them out mentally or with the use of ad blockers.

The only way to grab someone’s attention anymore is to go back to the basics and strike up a conversation. Instead of trying to make a sale right off the bat, have a discussion about your client’s problems. People like to talk about themselves, and education administrators are no different.

Content can be a great icebreaker to kick off that conversation. Here’s how you can keep your clients engaged:

Vary Your Content

They weren’t lying when they said variety is the spice of life. Although, it’s more than just keeping things fresh and interesting. Your clients have various needs, so certain types of content may be suitable for one question but not another.

A blog post will do the trick in most cases; they’re quick, informative, and easy to scan. This is especially true when employing the use of lists or bullet points.

For topics that require lengthy and detailed explanations, you might want to consider making an eBook. These are packed with pictures and info graphics that provide a refreshing change of pace. Also, because an email address is often required to gain access to an eBook, you’ll have a base of contacts that could later develop into qualified leads.

Above all, keep your ears and eyes open. As long as you’re up-to-date on what’s happening in your industry and sensitive to changes in your client’s wants and interests, you’ll never run out of engaging material.

Make Regular Updates

No one likes it when a conversation ends abruptly without warning. Keep the conversation going with your visitors by updating your content often and consistently. This doesn’t mean that you have to update everyday, but it is important to follow a regular timetable. Your visitors will come to appreciate you as a dependable source of info, and they’ll never be left wondering if your blog is still up and running.

A word of warning: Never get so concerned with volume that you sacrifice quality. It’s true that more frequent posts may benefit you in terms of SEO, but without the goods to back up that high search engine rank, your reputation and web traffic will take a hit.

Don’t Reveal All Your Secrets

Ah, we all want what we can’t have, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to get it. You have to tackle content creation with this idea in mind. Until your prospect becomes a bonafide lead, it’s best to give them just enough information so that they’re enticed to learn more.

Let’s say your company produces innovative, fully-integrated school management software. While it’s okay to highlight the main features in a single post, you’re probably better off detailing some of the additional features in other articles. This is especially true if a particular feature is the solution to a particular problem. Specificity is always your ally when making any type of post or offer.

Don’t forget to pose questions that can’t be answered by your content alone. These can turn into the motivating factors that spur a prospect to seek a free consultation.

The Bottom Line

Outside of a phone call or face-to-face interaction, content is the best way to connect with clients. Great material is only one element of a winning formula. All B2B marketing strategies need a solid content strategy and plan to nurture the leads that the content attracts.


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