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Generate More Qualified Leads for a B2B Technology Company

Let’s face it, not everyone out there is a great fit for your B2B technology company. If you’re like many marketing pros in B2B SaaS, you don’t want to waste your time marketing to people that don’t need your service or product. Instead, you want “qualified” leads. Hubspot defines qualified leads as potential customers whose qualities match those of the ideal buyer of a B2B technology company. For example, individuals like C-level executives and directors and clinics, hospitals, or health systems are considered qualified leads as they are influencers and decision-makers for B2B SaaS services.

Here are some great ways to generate more qualified leads for your B2B technology company:

Create strategic and SEO content

The biggest thing you can do to attract your qualified leads is to produce content your ideal potential customers want to get them to your website. This content consists of blog posts, ebooks, videos, and much more. Creating buyer personas, doing keyword research, and developing inbound content that addresses their typical concerns, helps them in their research, and informs them, will help place your company and website as a valuable source.

Guest blog on industry-related sites

Writing guests posts on authoritative sites in your industry is an effective way to produce more qualified leads. This approach works since you are getting to individuals who are most likely thinking about your service or product. Pick a relevant and engaging topic that will help get their attention. Be sure to use search phrases that will enhance your blog post’s ranking in internet search. Don’t forget to link to your landing page in the writer biography. Here are several of the leading B2B SaaS blog sites to consider.

Conduct live webinars

A webinar lets’ you share info with viewers in real time using online video. You can use webinars as an offer or host it yourself. It’s a great idea to partner with an influencer in your industry. This will boost the integrity of the program and bring in even more qualified leads. Be sure to have a Q&A session after. Webinars are great for their customizability. You can include some personality in your talk and make a more powerful connection to your target market.

Run quizzes and surveys

Quizzes and surveys are a fun way to get information from your leads. By asking them questions, you will better understand the issues and difficulties of your target market. You will also learn where they are in the buyer’s journey. The marketing medicine network quiz for B2B SaaS execs is an example of this. You can advertise your quizzes and surveys using social media to get even more people involved. For quizzes, individuals will need to give their name and email to get the answers.

Enhance your landing pages

A poorly-designed landing page could be the reason you aren’t getting enough qualified leads. For example, the page could be too company-focused and not customer-focused. Or the layout could be off. Check out other effective landing pages to get ideas on how to enhance your own. You can update your content to make it more customer-centered. Use keywords that your target market uses in search. Look at your design and style to see what best works. For example, consider different CTA messages and colors.

Post on LinkedIn

Research has shown that LinkedIn is the leading social media network for list-building for a B2B technology company. To get qualified leads on LinkedIn, release informational content that will get the interest of your target market. In addition to creating backlinks to your site, posting on LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to position yourself as a professional in the industry.

Use Facebook ads

A great way to target qualified leads is using Facebook Ads. You can use the ads to target leads based on their personal information, hobbies, and likes. Be sure to stay away from the lure of making your Ads a sales pitch. Your goal is to get people to join your subscription list so you can nurture them. You just supply a link to your landing page where individuals can get even more information about the offer.

Request referrals

Consumers that have purchased your B2B SaaS product or service can be a wonderful resource for leads. According to Nielsen, people are more likely to buy from a company when it is reviewed by someone they know. Send your clients a survey to find out what they think about your company and if they are happy with their purchase. At the end, include an ask of “Would you recommend us to a friend?” When the person says yes, send them a message like this:

“Thank you for taking our survey! Do you know of anyone who could benefit from our (product/service)? We’ll give you a one-time (perk) for every new customer recommendation!”

Don’t forget to reward clients with special offers or price cuts when they make a referral. Beyond clients, employees can be a great source for qualified leads. This means everyone in your company: online marketers, sales reps, accounting professionals, programmers, etc. To encourage more referrals, you can offer incentives or other payments.

The bottom line

Getting qualified leads is one of the biggest jobs of any online marketer. The steps laid out above are part of a bigger marketing strategy called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing includes producing beneficial content for your site visitors and using this content to keep in contact with them until they have turned into qualified leads. Your B2B SaaS company could use Inbound to bring in new site visitors, convert them into leads, and then nurture them into clients.

Responsify helps companies get all of this done. We partner with B2B SaaS marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and help in executing these tasks

We’ve worked with many marketing pros to carry out Inbound Marketing strategies for their B2B technology company. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free strategy session to help you examine your current methods and learn ways to get even more qualified leads.

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