7 B2B Tech Sales Tips to Keep in Contact with Your Prospects

You’ve surely heard the expression “the truth hurts.” So let’s acknowledge a truth up front, sure to annoy every venture B2B tech sales rep: leads will not make a buying decision after their first call. You will have to keep in contact with them for a while before they will convert to clients. This is no different than dating: no one is ready to get married after the first date. So what are the best ways to keep in contact with potential customers throughout the sales process to boost close rates? We’ve collected a few tips to help you:

Find out about your potential customer

It can be hard to sell your B2B SaaS service or products if you don’t have a clear understanding of who your leads are. For that reason, you need to take some time to identify your buyer personas. What are their roles in their company? What are their objectives, difficulties, and responsibilities? Do some research on the company. How long have they been around? Where are they located? What are they worth? How many employees do they have? You can find a lot of this information on their company site or their LinkedIn page.

Create and share informative content

Developing and sharing valuable content is one of the best ways to get potential customers involved. Work with your marketing team to create instructional content on a regular basis that will make it easier for people who fit your buyer personas to find you and become qualified leads. This will also place your B2B SaaS firm as an authority and help build trust with your target market. There are many types of content you can create that include blogs, webinars, market reports, case studies, ebooks, and whitepapers.

Know when to call or email

As a B2B tech sales representative, you need to decide whether to make the first connection with a phone call or email. Both techniques have their pros and cons. According to E Consultancy, 66% of online marketers said that email provides better ROI. Since email is visual, it provides your prospective customers time to process the information. They can also make the decision to bookmark it or save it for future reference. An email can also be sent to other decision makers within the company. A drawback to email, though, is that people are flooded with them. If the recipient doesn’t know your name, the email might get sent right to the trash.

Consequently, there is no “best” way to first engage. You can try testing each to see which better fits your target market as a whole.

Identify your prospects’ passions and hobbies

One of the best ways to connect with your leads is to talk about their interests, hobbies, and pastimes. You can find out their interests via their social media accounts. For example, if you both follow the NBA, you can talk about that. In addition to hobbies, you can learn more about their work. Ask questions like, “how has it been transitioning from Finance to Admin?” Talking about their interests throughout the discussion will help build a better connection and close more sales.

Don’t be too formal

As you get to know your leads better, you can be less formal during your conversations. This will make it easier to make a personal connection. Don’t get too casual, however. You want them to still take you seriously. Make sure to always use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Here are some examples:

Too formal: “Greetings, Percy. I’ve recently discovered your passion in B2B SaaS CRM software. I believe you would find this report interesting.”

Too casual: “Yo, Percy! Take a look at this dope report on B2B SaaS CRM Software.”

Just right: “Hey, Percy. Hope you’re well. Take a look at this amazing report on B2B SaaS CRM software.”

A great book that covers this topic is called Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni. The author presents a cutting-edge method for customer service that produces uncommon levels of trust and commitment. Pat asks companies to be completely open with the potential customer to get rid of three main stressors and anxieties that mess up customer connection. The book is made for both internal or external profs, consultants, or any individual serving long-term customers, It provides great, actionable tools to help readers gain an edge.

Don’t avoid voicemail

Research by Bizness Apps found that 80% of calls will go to voicemail. If your potential customer doesn’t have time to answer, you might be tempted to hang up. Don’t make that mistake. Voicemails can be a great part of the sales process. Present yourself and tell them why you are calling. You can then tell them about a helpful source you will share via email. When your name comes up in an email, they will recognize it and are more likely to open it.

Nurture them with email

If your leads don’t make a buying choice right away, keep in contact with them using email, phone, or social media one to two times a week. Make sure your emails contain content that resolves their issues. You can include whitepapers, case studies, reports, or blogs that they might find useful. Let them know you are available for future discussion.

The final word

All of the tips above are part of a larger body of marketing and sales included in the Inbound Methodology. Your B2B SaaS company could include inbound into your existing sales and marketing campaigns to get even more potential customers, qualify them, and close more sales.

But this is a lot of work to do alone. Responsify partners with B2B tech sales specialists to offer strategy, support, and help in carrying out these tasks. By working together, we help them purposefully bring in new site visitors, convert them into qualified leads, and then happy customers.

If you want to find out ways to get more potential customers and speed up your sales cycle, don’t hesitate to book a free strategy session. We will help you examine your current techniques and give you tips on how to make them better.

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