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Increase Qualified B2B Site Visitors Using Inbound Methods

A major objective of any B2B software marketing professional is to increase B2B site visitors that can produce qualified leads. Nevertheless, in addition to expensive online ad campaigns, getting B2B site visitors does not just instantly happen. It takes a lot of effort, like using web traffic generation techniques that are proven effective.

Here are several of the inbound marketing strategies you can use to bring in more B2B site visitors.

Blog consistently

Different people need different things, and they are constantly looking for solutions. You can find out just what your ideal buyers are looking for by browsing social media and checking out relevant online forums. Once you have gathered this info, you can create blog posts that offer options. Don’t forget to include search phrases that your clients are most likely using in search. Publishing insightful and keyword-optimized content frequently will help bring in more ideal site visitors to your B2B software firm’s website. Doing this will help develop you as an authority in the industry, boosting your name recognition.

In addition to blogs, you could also consider long-form content like how-to guides, ebooks, whitepapers, and more. An example of this are the clear-cut overviews by B2B firm Marketo.

Use long-tail keywords

Stay away from common keywords since they are overused and very competitive. To improve your search engine position, it’s a good idea to use long-tail keywords and phrases. For example, instead of using the common “B2B software system” phrase, try something more targeted like “how to engage individuals.” The latter will likely drive in more organic traffic to your site.

Get featured on review websites

A Bazaarvoice study found that more than 70% of consumers look at online reviews when they are researching a product or service. Getting listed on testimonial sites can, therefore, be a great way to get more site visitors. These blog posts are particularly beneficial for targeting individuals that are in the “decision phase” of the buyer’s journey. They are currently comparing different companies to see which service or product will be best for them. To find testimonial sites that relate to your industry, do a Google search for “leading B2B software companies.” While some are free, others will charge before being listed. Include your web address will increase your search engine position and make it easier for people to find you online.

Get published in online directories

Getting your site listed in online directories is another great way to drive traffic to your site. You shouldn’t, however, post on every B2B software directory out there. Search for the ones that relate to your industry and have excellent domain name authority. For example, if you are in Illinois, you can Google “B2B software companies in Illinois.” The directory sites that come up on the top of the search results are typically the most seen. Getting your site in these directories will help produce backlinks to your site and help leads find you more easily.

Create guest blog posts

A Hubspot report found that 47% of customers looked at a variety of items before making a buying choice. Find trusted online sites in your market that approve guest posts and send them a blog. Pick a relevant topic that your target market will find interesting. Make sure to follow the rules of the visitor blog to boost your chances of being published. Include your website link in your writer biography. These backlinks will help increase your search engine position and bring in even more traffic to your site. You could also take into consideration connecting with influencers in your blog content. They can share your content with their fans.

Comment on blogs

Take time to look at content on other individual’s B2B software blogs and leave comments when you can. Keep the comments favorable, as people don’t like to hear from critics. Make sure your comments are informative, not sales-y. Commenting on these posts can help you get even more backlinks to your site, which will result in more visitors.

Take part in industry forums

Every industry has online discussion forums where people can talk about relevant topics. Taking part in these forums is a great way to get more visitors to your site. Concentrate on discussion forums that have a lot of engagement. It would be pointless for you to sign-up for a forum that hasn’t had a conversation in two months. When signing up with a discussion forum, make sure to use your brand name. This will boost your brand name recognition as you engage with others. When joining different discussion forums, don’t just offer suggestions. Share real-world examples and connect to resources that will help other participants. This will increase your trustworthiness and bring in even more traffic to your site.

Use infographics

Research by Social Media Examiner found that 37% of marketing experts consider visuals to be one of the more effective forms of content. Keep in mind that people have short attention spans. It’s therefore a good idea to engage with your target market with infographics, rather than a 1,000-word report. Infographics are extra helpful when trying to get people to understand detailed information. In addition to your website, you can also release infographics on sites like Pinterest. Linking the infographic to your site will draw in more visitors.

Get published on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media channels for B2B marketing. You can send industry-specific posts to LinkedIn Pulse. Getting published on the platform will help build your authority in the industry and with your target market, driving more traffic to your site. You can also share content on other social media networks.

Repurpose webinars

According to Contently, 60% of marketing professionals repurpose (reuse) their content at least five different times. For example, you can repurpose webinars into a collection of new posts or e-newsletters to bring in even more traffic to your site. The entire webinar could also be turned into an ebook. You can take interesting quotes and turn them into social media posts.

The final word

Creating engaging content and attracting the best target market are big parts of Inbound Marketing. Inevitably, site visitors will develop into qualified leads, and then happy clients.

It can be hard to do all of this alone, though. Responsify works with B2B software online marketers to offer strategy, support, and help in carrying out these tasks. By working together, we help online marketers bring in new site visitors, convert them into qualified leads, and then customers.

We’ve helped many marketing pros plan and apply an inbound marketing methodology to increase their site traffic. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free session to talk about your current techniques and get advice on how to attract even more of an audience.

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