Advertising Telemedicine: 6 Steps to Convert Website Visitors to Leads

Every Telemedicine online marketer wants as many visitors to their company page as possible. But wanting and doing are two different things. Once you have visitors to your site, getting them to contact you, sign-up for more information, or join a mailing list is the next challenge. The problem is, only a small number of visitors will do so. If you’re struggling with this same issue, you’re not the only one. This article talk about how to successfully turn visitors into leads when advertising telemedicine companies.

Let’s think about this problem for a minute. What if your site visitors don’t take one of those three actions? Well, you’ve lost the opportunity to convert that lead and the chances of getting it back diminish.

According to HubSpot, a prospect is somebody that shows some interest in your product or service. Site visitors convert to leads once you gather some information on them including their name, email address, industry, and location.

So, what can you do if a visitor is not ready to take one of your call-to-actions? The winning answer: Allow them to take an action THEY are willing to take. Provide targeted content or tools that are valuable to them in exchange for some personal details. When they read your blog or glance over your company, make sure you have premium offers ready for them beyond the basic Contact Us, Subscribe, or Ask for a Demo.

Here are some helpful advertising telemedicine suggestions on how to convert your Telemedicine website visitors into qualified leads:

Create Specific Premium Offers

Premium offers can be any type of valuable content on your website including white papers, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, case studies, infographics, images, videos, buyer guides and more. The purpose of the offer is to provide solutions for problems your customer faces. In return, site visitors must provide their name and email address to access this premium content.

Before you create an offer, consider creating a Buyer Persona to help target your market more effectively. Don’t forget to map out the Buyer’s Journey to create specific content depending where customers are in the process. Combining both will help you create content your visitors need and help generate more leads.

Use CTAs (call-to-actions)

A CTA on your webpage is anything that asks customers to do something. A good tool for creating good CTAs is Oracle’s marketing automation page that has CTAs like “Learn More” or “Start the Conversation.” Find ways to make your CTA attractive enough to convert prospects into leads. The most effective CTAs match the content already on the page and ask for a clear and specific action. Engaging graphics, a bright color, or a catchy design help your CTA stand out. Place your CTA on your page somewhere every visitor will see, preferably above the fold. If the content on your page is about “improving hospital operations”, don’t make your CTA about “lowering billing costs”, as your reader may want to know more about both topics.

Develop Targeted Landing Pages

When your visitor clicks on a CTA, ideally they’ll be redirected to a landing page. The purpose of a landing page is to describe exactly what your offer is about and how they’ll benefit. Landing pages typically include a from asking for the visitor’s contact details. To make the most of your landing page, keep it brief (see the Halogen landing page as an example) so visitors can skim through quickly and decide whether they want it or not. The better the offer, the more likely they’ll provide you their details. Remember to remove your navigation menu from the landing page to minimize the chances of your visitor clicking away to another page.

Utilize Easy-to-fill-out Forms

Prospects become leads once they submit their details on your landing page. Customize the forms based on what you’re offering. For example, getting a short report shouldn’t request for too much information as it can deter the prospect. If you’re offering longer, more valuable content, take the opportunity to ask for more information. To make signing up easy, use smart forms that can populate fields automatically with just one click. As soon as visitors click submit from the landing page, they’ll receive an email thanking them and a link to download the content.

Manage Contacts and their details

To handle leads successfully, you will need an effective CRM like HubSpot, which offers free software apps that are compatible with your site. Hubspot provides insight on who is visiting your page, where they came from, and which pages they look at. Using this information, you can tailor the information you use when contacting them. Sharing relevant content with them will also help convert prospects into qualified leads.

Focus on the big picture

A long list of contacts and their details mean nothing if it doesn’t boost your sales. A research study by MarketingSherpa shows that over 70% of leads never convert into clients. Keep sending periodic Lead Nurturing Emails recapping the benefits or providing relevant information until you see better conversions. Ask questions about what kind of content they would like to see. Every so often, you can test different offers and compare them to the quality of leads you receive.

The Bottom Line

The conversion steps we’ve covered are just one component of the bigger marketing approach called Inbound Marketing. This marketing strategy covers the significance of having relevant and helpful content for your website visitors. The best content continues to offer value for those who have already become qualified leads. Your Telemedicine company could make use of Inbound advertising telemedicine to bring in brand-new site visitors to your page, convert them into leads, and engage existing clients.

It could be difficult doing all this on your own though. But don’t not sweat it. At Responsify, we work with Telemedicine online marketers to offer strategy, support, and help put Inbound Marketing principles to work. It’s easy to incorporate it into your existing marketing mix.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your Telemedicine business turn website traffic into qualified leads, get a free strategy consultation now. We’re happy to go over your current assets and give you insight and guidance to get you started in the right direction.

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