Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with a Clean Tech Inbound Agency

Educating customers is fundamental, but it sure isn’t easy. If it were, marketing Renewable Energy would be a breeze (and not just for wind energy companies).

To ease some of the strain, you’re considering hiring an Inbound Marketing agency. Awesome! That means you’re one step closer to producing content that generates qualified leads. The less awesome part (but still exciting) is that you have to narrow down your list of candidates.

If there can be only one, it makes sense to choose an agency that is highly specialized in your industry…or does it?

The truth is that many of your customers aren’t specialist; they’re just people looking for a solution. Following the experts may give them some trouble. On the other hand, not just any marketer can jump into something like wave energy.

In the end, there are advantages and disadvantages to working with a Clean Tech Inbound agency. It sounds strange, but you’ll see what we mean in a second.



Clean Tech Inbound Agency


It’s a Small World

There aren’t many agencies that have an extensive knowledge of Green Energy. The few that do have worked with companies like yours in the past, so you won’t have to worry about a language barrier.

They speak the lingo, and they speak it well.



Clean Tech Inbound Agency


It’s a Small World…but It’s Complicated

CleanTech is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of technology solutions. There’s solar, wave, wind, biomass, geothermal, waste management, recycling, and many others. This isn’t even counting subcategories like hardware, software, and machinery.

Even if an agency specializes in “Clean Energy”, they may only be well-versed in a particular segment. For example, even with an impressive track record, a solar Inbound agency wouldn’t be the best fit for a waste management company. Both come from very different worlds, and their customer bases also reflect that.

If you do find an agency that’s based in your niche, it’s likely that they’re working with some familiar faces: namely, your competitors. When there’s a conflict of interest from the beginning, it makes building a trustful relationship a steep, uphill battle.



Clean Tech Inbound Agency


They’ve Already Produced Tons of CleanTech Content

A specialized agency has written about virtually every aspect of your industry. Their content is constructed with a clear, targeted strategy that resonates with the market.

They know what works well and what doesn’t.



Clean Tech Inbound Agency


But There’s Something About That Content

While they’ve produced a variety of great materials, because their clients have similar products, there’s a good chance that they re-purpose many of their previous works. This isn’t bad if tackled from a fresh perspective, but more often than not, this type of content won’t be the most original. If readers can consume the same content elsewhere, there isn’t much reason for them to come to your website.

The best content is born out of creativity. A one-track approach may be effective for a time, but as customers and their needs change it will lose its potency. An agency has to be able to adapt, and the best way to do that is by listening to consumers.

Detailed Buyer Personas and Buyer Journeys are essentials in staying ahead of the curve. To make customers happy, you have to know what they want before they fully realize it themselves.


The Bottom Line

Above all, you need an agency that can act as a bridge between your CleanTech solution and your consumers. They need to have some technical knowledge, but what’s more important is their ability to ask the right questions to build content that answers unique customer questions.

Working with a Clean Tech Inbound agency can be effective, but it’s crucial to recognize that every customer base, even within Renewable Energy, has its own particular set of needs. Avoid working with agencies that use a one-size-fits-all methodology.

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