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4 Demand Gen Tips for Health Tech Marketers

Health Technology is a very distinct market and developing demand for your services or product is no simple task these days. All these prospective clients have incredibly varying requirements and require tailored approaches from marketers. A research study from Pew Research found 80% of American web users look online for health info, and 86% of physicians use the Internet to access health information. Why do only 58% of healthcare marketers utilize blogs versus 74% of marketers? (According to a survey of the Content Marketing Institute).

Here are a few pointers to help you generate new leads thanks to the Inbound Marketing approach.


Master the art of blogging and SEO

Master Blogging and SEO

The figures above prove themselves. More and more patients and health experts turn to the internet to search for helpful details about cutting-edge medical trends, medical gadgets, healthcare facilities, and other subjects related to health. Your blog is, for that reason, is another window into your, site in addition to your web page– so long as you routinely post engaging content for your audience.

Just remember these few appropriate precautions :

  • Search engines desire well-crafted content. Creating informative content that cater to your readers’ main concerns about health needs will increase your SEO as well.
  • Consider the need of clients of experts to share advice and tips on the topics you manage. The clients will appreciate that you are giving them a space to comment on an article and share their views on a particular subject.
  • Do not confuse your sales pitch with your short-form blog articles. Your blog site’s purpose to inform your readers and eventually help them improve their lifestyle. Let them decide if your service or your product will assist in them accomplishing this second objective.


Get customers interested in your company with social media

Create demand gen through social media.

Social networking assists you in developing a community of social media followers who believe in your tech and will help promote it. Where will this occur? On your blog site and your social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and Pinterest when you have become adept the art of content creation. Regularly release pertinent, shareable content about HealthTech or your particular field of proficiency (medical gadgets, insurance coverage, mobile health …) even if it is merely sharing a link of another blog site’s post with a customized remark. This quick action is definitely worth the time.

Make a moderate use of Content Creation

Make moderate use of Content to create Demand

Remember, you are selling a product or a service seeks to make your consumer’s life better. The entire point of Inbound Marketing is allowing consumers to come to you as soon as they have discovered that the content that you released has been useful to them.

Ask yourself these questions before hitting “post”: Will a minimum of 50 percent of your target market be engaged by this post? Will they be convinced it? Does it add worth to our audience’s life in an easily understandable manner? Does it assist in developing a favorable predisposition towards our brand in some way? Does it aid in our followers in feeling good about themselves because of their association with our post?

Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate leads

Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate demand

When producing content for your clients, you can consider yourself lucky that you are a part of such a complex industry. Clients require succinct literature to remain up-to-date with the state of HealthTech industry and will be seeking any insightful eBook or white paper on the subject- especially if it’s complimentary.

Be sure that prospective customers submit an intuitive form, in addition to downloading your products so that you collect beneficial information on your target market. You can then partake in email marketing with these prospective clients who voluntarily offered you their contact information and consider you a trustworthy source.

According to the McKinsey & Company consulting firm they discovered that “Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.”Ultimately, this needs to be an essential part of your marketing and sales process.

Making use of Inbound Marketing methods such as content development, email nurturing, and social media promoting of content helps you create the demand for your health technology product or service.

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