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Description: Our mission is to instill workplace transparency and champion accountability with our platform and live audit solutions. Tulu, formally known as WipeHero, launched in Sydney, Australia in 2016 by Harvard and UNSW students Reza Keshavarzi and Farid Mirmohseni. The company addressed two macro trends: the scarcity of water through climate change and the move towards ride-sharing. WipeHero, known to many as Australia's “Uber” for car washing, provided waterless car washing services as an on-demand service for fleets. In 2017, Australia's Startcon recognized WipeHero as Startup of the Year. As WipeHero continued to grow in Australia, the leadership team found a new challenge: proof of cleaning. It was nearly impossible to prove that the cleaning staff had completed their tasks without onsite monitoring. That is when the team created Tulu, a live audit solution to help companies monitor tasks from anywhere in the world. Today, Tulu employs 20+ team members across the United States and Australia. Tulu is building the world's most innovative workflow tool to empower management and staff to complete their tasks. Our platform hosts fully customizable checklists, video and live audit proof of completion, and more. Discover Tulu at
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