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Market Segment: Unknown
Linkedin: TradePulse LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 500 Redwood Boulevard, Novato CA
Description: TradePulse is the leading provider of strategic information services to the beverage alcohol industry, based near wine country in Northern California. TradePulse offers a family of Cloud-based applications for the wine and spirits industry including: Depletion Data Collection and Reporting, Nielsen Scan Data, Pricing Management, CRM, and Trade Promotion Management. TradePulse consists of a team of more than thirty-five experienced technology and beverage alcohol industry professionals. The TradePulse team is committed to delivering cutting edge information services with top notch customer support. TradePulse focuses on its customers’ information requirements in order to deliver powerful information solutions that enable TradePulse customers to compete in a complex market. Some of the largest wine and spirits companies and wholesale distributors work with TradePulse, a testament to the power of information TradePulse delivers.
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