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RampedUp Contact Data Solutions

Market Segment: Contact Data Solutions
Linkedin: RampedUp Contact Data Solutions LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 3423 Piedmont Rd, Atlanta GA
Description: RampedUp is a trusted contact data solution for global marketers. We help our customers keep their database current, complete, and compliant with over 550 million social-sourced contacts. Common Use Cases Net New Contact Lists: Our global database can help you find your exact buyer within your target market. We offer one database to deliver lists from 500 Million contacts. Our suppression technology will ensure you don’t pay for records you already have today. Account Based Marketing List: You know the accounts and titles you want – you just don’t know their names and contact details. RampedUp can provide a targeted list of buyers within your targeted accounts. Upload a list of websites or companies to find the right buyers at the right companies. Contact Recovery: RampedUp can identify the old records in your database and inform you where they are working today. This is a great way to find old customers that have moved to a new company. Contact Data Hygiene: By combining email and contact validation – RampedUp can identify harmful contact records within your database. This will improve inbox placement and deliverability Email Appending: RampedUp provides up to 60 fields of detailed information for better segmentation and targeted communication. Personal to Professional: Qualify contacts that complete forms with personal email addresses or reach out to multiple people at one employer.
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