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Market Segment: Web Development Company
Linkedin: QuartSoft/КвартСофт LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 51
Address: 1710 South Amphlett Boulevard, Foster City CA
Description: Quartsoft is a web development company specialized in creating eCommerce, SaaS, PaaS, real estate, fin-tech, tourism, rental and social network systems. We unite our development skills and expertise in these business domains to save the project owner’s efforts in hiring, managing, testing, and supporting the developed system. On top of that, coming to Quartsoft saves development talent costs by utilizing skilled and certified English speaking experts based in Ukraine. Developing complex solutions: corporate web apps, and social networks merges skills and expertise from a variety of knowledge domains, which raises the costs of mistakes. To avoid development risks in technologically rich applications, Quartsoft introduces a specialized expert in each specific field: UI/UX, system architecture, integration, R&D expert to plan innovation implementation. This approach saves talent acquisition and management costs, as well as ensures the created system stability, scalability and project owner’s business continuity. Optimizing and extending functionality of a Magento store is easy with Quartsoft: just describe the desired functionality in spoken English and get a stable, maintainable, and cost-effective implementation solution. Creating new eCommerce business from scratch requires special knowledge, best practices and clear goals. Share your business idea, and get expert consultancy before investing in development to find the most secure, scalable and cost-saving way to reach your business goals. Vulnerability of online startups to initial funding, technology choice, implementation timeline security, scalability and maintainability made Quartsoft develop startup-tailored workflow. It makes relevant expertise available throughout the team instead of attracting specialists on demand, guide each startup through technical risk analysis, shorten the MVP development schedule, and align the development with the startup owner’s marketing and finance requirements. With all these factors, startup owners deal with just one technical person to scale the development team and get industry specific expert advisory, risk management and clear implementation schedule control. This approach helped various scale projects grab their clientele, launch on time, grow client base rapidly and focus on business development, not technical issues. See our testimonials: Helping business is a valuable business. Request free estimation within 1 business day today!
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