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Performance Inspired

Market Segment: Nutritional Supplements Marketplace
Linkedin: Performance Inspired LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $1M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 750 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale PA
Description: Performance Inspired Nutrition is a high value, all-natural healthy lifestyle nutrition for today's health & wellness consumer. Nutrition and supplements for the everyday athlete & professional athletes. Reach new customers with inspired and motivational marketing utilizing Mark Wahlberg and Bryson Dechambeau & actual customers. No Bodybuilder hype, junked up labels or risky formulas and a commitment to charity and inspiring customers to lead a more active & healthy lifestyle. #inspiredtobebetter Mark Wahlberg, draymond Green and PGA star Bryson Dechambeau are owners and they cut through the retail clutter! Both are known for their commitment to fitness. Mark Wahlberg & Tom Dowd partnered to bring Tom’s years of experience with GNC to create a high performance yet natural sports/wellness line for the mass market customer. PI is the next-generation of fitness/wellness products with 55 + skus to maximize your sales potential & complete our healthy lifestyle commitment. We grow the wellness category by attracting new & the committed fitness, healthy lifestyle consumers who demand value in natural formulas. PI tastes amazing, mixes easily, and uses only the best and most efficacious ingredients in meaningful formulas that deliver results! Tom combined his knowledge to work directly with retailers to build sales and profits. PI also does custom manufacturing and we add a level of proven retail experience to help drive profits & sales! Most of the PI staff are EX-GNC so we know & live retail & we add value as we build promotional programs. We are inspired to help people live a better life through charity, donating a minimum of 2% of our net profits. We are inspired to help people live an active & healthy lifestyle and our modern brand position & we have exceeded expectations with our retailers. We reverse engineered PI to fill the gap in the mass market & we are taking market-share & pulling in new active lifestyle customers!! #retail #supplements
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