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Market Segment: Brand Marketing Service
Linkedin: MCCI LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $50M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 155 West Congress Street, Detroit MI
Description: Founded in 1993 as Mort Crim Communications, Inc., (MCCI). MCCI is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in Public & Media Relations, Social Media, Video, Web & Digital, Marketing & Advertising. MCCI’s clients represent various industry sectors, including automotive, education, energy, government, health care, nonprofit, supply chain and technology. The firm's office is based in Detroit. For more information, visit, or MCCI aims to provide a forum that encourages interaction, discussion and transparency but asks that you keep your comments and posts relevant and respectful. MCCI will make every effort to monitor the contents of this page and ensure its content is of an appropriate nature. We reserve the right to remove any post or ban anyone who violates these guidelines. The views shared by MCCI are not endorsed by any of the affiliated organizations mentioned; nor do interactions with MCCI necessarily imply endorsement.
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