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Promotional Products Distributor

Market Segment: Promotional Products Distributing Service
Linkedin: Promotional Products Distributor LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $100M
Estimated Employees: 51
Address: 321 Commonwealth Rd, Wayland MA
Description: iPROMOTEu is one of the largest and fastest-growing distributor organizations in the promotional products industry. And it’s all because of our emphasis on helping our Affiliates grow. We believe that promotional products distributors and salespeople spend too much time on non-revenue-generating tasks and not enough time doing what they love to do best — selling and building relationships. To solve this challenge, we provide valuable resources and top-notch support services to more than 1,100 independent distributors and salespeople — allowing them to grow their businesses quickly and profitably while continuing to operate under their own name and brand. With 20 years behind us and many years ahead, we hope you’ll consider becoming a part of our community.
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