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InStore Audio Network

Market Segment: Unknown
Linkedin: InStore Audio Network LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $50M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 13 Roszel Road, Princeton NJ
Description: InStore Audio Network connects with shoppers in some of the largest grocery and drugstore chains in the country. InStore Audio Network’s music and advertising can be heard in more than 16,000 stores nationwide. Retail partners include: Albertsons/Safeway, Southeastern Grocers, Ahold, Weis Markets, Affiliated Stores, Unified Grocers, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Brookshire’s, Tops Markets and URM/Harvest Foods as well as Rite Aid and CVS drugstores. Primary business components: 1) Audio advertising at the point of purchase 2) Turnkey music services for your retail location InStore Audio Music Services We offer a highly competitive cost structure, energy-efficient equipment that is easy to install and broadband connected, and fully licensed music with customizable content. Our digitally delivered, dynamic music services are used by such satisfied customers as Albertsons, Ahold and Southeastern Grocers. Include us in your next RFP. InStore Audio Media Network As one of the nation’s largest media networks, we reach more people with our Digital InStore Audio Network than CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox reaches with prime-time TV programming — combined! InStore Audio Network programming connects with the shopper to inform, entertain and deliver relevant messaging at the point of sale. What Differentiates the Instore Audio Network Quality of Retail Partners — spending at our retailers represents a significant share of all grocery, drug and HBA purchases. Scale — We influence over 1 billion shopping trips per month. 100% Digital Infrastructure — provides reliable execution, plus the flexibility to target by region, by retailer or even by individual stores. Reach — InStore Audio Network is the ONLY retail medium that reaches the entire store. Contact us to find out how your brand can advertise on our network.
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