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Market Segment: IT Infrastructure Service
Linkedin: InRule LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $50M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 651 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago IL
Description: InRule provides software and services that enable subject matter experts to automate business rules and configure the behavior of applications without programming effort and risk. We make decision logic, rules and calculations transparent and easy to change, allowing experts to own them and providing IT with APIs and tooling to support customizations and production processes. Since 2002, InRule has been deployed in more than 40 countries by hundreds of organizations in the commercial and public sectors. Numerous partners and OEM clients have integrated InRule into their products, from lending and insurance, to risk management and embedded devices. InRule's products are cloud-ready, and run on mobile to integrate with popular cloud-CRM products. InRule was founded by CEO Rik Chomko and CTO Loren Goodman with a vision for delivering the power of computing without the complexity of programming. InRule is headquartered in Chicago.
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