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Ginn Mineral Technology

Market Segment: Unknown
Linkedin: Ginn Mineral Technology LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $1M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 150 International Drive, Sandersville GA
Description: The Ginn Technology Group is a collection of technology based companies focusing on minerals, metals, and “hard” material resources. Materials, Minerals, and Metals are crucial to our national economy and defense. We are your independent resource for the discovery of valuable minerals in-ground or through industrial waste streams. The Ginn Technology Group explores, recovers, processes, and creates value from material resources. We focus on green innovation and can help you create ‘closed loop’ product life cycles. We offer a “Unique Solution Set” that answers these challenges while reducing the impact on the environment. Sustainability and product life cycles are integral components of today’s value propositions. Our staff understands these challenges and, with innovative thinking, we offer many cost-effective, energy-efficient and common sense solutions to clients’ sustainability initiatives. Ginn Mineral Technology (GMT) is a mineral research and technology company. Areas of focus include industrial minerals, base metal resources, and the management of industrial waste streams. Process and product development and the commercial applications for minerals are key elements within our value propositions. Mineral Resources (MR) is your resource for the exploration / discovery and generation of sub-surface value. We provide mineral prospecting, land exploration, drilling, and land management. EarthCircle Technologies (ECT) is a unique and innovative combination of (1) waste management, (2) renewable energy generation, and (3) market driven recovered post-consumer materials / products. This break-thru technology reduces nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen) from municipal and industrial waste water streams while creating high quality valuable agrichemicals and geopolymers.
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